Author: Etisha Gurav

Alexa commands to process on AI chips

Artificial intelligence is slowly seeping into our tech world with Apple’s Face ID tech and Huawei’s automatic camera settings for good pictures offline support for Bing’s Translator on the new Mate 10 series. Even our household water systems are using artificial intelligence. Slowly even Amazon has gone the AI path by introducing Amazon Go and now by the introduction of AI chips in amazon products. Now all Alexa-powered products(which includes The Echo smart speakers) will use an AI chip for processing commands. The idea is to use the chip to process voice commands on the device itself rather than rely as heavily as...

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Human Behaviour and AI

Human Behaviour is a very complex set of responses or action. It refers to the array of every physical action and observable emotion associated with individuals, as well as the human race. Understanding human behaviour, too, is very difficult, let alone predicting the behaviour. Mimicking the human behaviour and understanding what is going on in the other person’s mind is something the humanity has tried to do from the very beginning. Our human behaviour is influenced by many factors like culture, thinking, upbringing.  Psychology is present everywhere, it is not just in medical terms but also in our day to day lives. What does a...

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AI important than Fire and Electricity: Google

A field that is ever growing like artificial intelligence has always garnered mixed reviews. Many see AI as a power that could take over humanity and others see AI has the potential that humans require to reach their full human capabilities. None the less, everyone knows that this field is going to change the way we are supposed to see our future. Google also thinks that AI would be important in the coming future. Recently in a special Townhall Event hosted by MSNBC, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google remarked that ” AI is more important than fire and electricity”....

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A “Virtual” Look into Artificial Intelligence

A lot of speculation happens about how Artificial intelligence will impact the world, how it’s going to change the future and the technologies related to the future. A peak into the “techy” future already started with self driving cars but here we are going to discuss about another technology fusing with the field of artificial intelligence. What is Virtual Reality? Imagine being a counter terrorist in CS:GO. That is exactly the experience Virtual Reality gives you. It makes you feel a part of the computer generated scenarios. Current VR technology most commonly uses virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments, sometimes in combination...

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Amazon GO: Shopping On the Go

In a hurry and also thirsty? Just grab a bottle of water and rush out of the store without checking out. You must be wondering whether this is possible or not. Well, this is true. Ever since Amazon entered e-commerce and practically conquered the digital markets, Amazon has now taken a step into our regular supermarkets and reducing the checkout lines which bother us when are in a hurry (or not). How it Works Amazon already has its virtual shopping cart on the Amazon app. So customers can now just pick up the items they want and those items...

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