Author: Kenneth Alvares

Bitcoin : The Genius Ponzi Scheme You Never Knew

“Stop being such a wuss and invest already”, said Sanket as he eased his buddy into buying his first bitcoin investment. Sights like these have pretty much become common place, with everyone’s neighbor’s cousin’s grandfather’s pet goldfish trying to get a nice big slice of ‘easy money’. After all, buying an imaginary string of zero’s and one’s and then selling said strings for a hefty profit tomorrow is a pretty full proof plan. Or is it? Well, amidst all this ruckus lies a grand scheme – a scheme so overlooked, even Jordan Belfort would stop thumping his chest. If...

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Google Play’s ‘Best of 2017’ – Apps, Music, Books, Movies and TV Shows

Annually, Google announces a list of the most purchased or downloaded products from its Play Store. On Friday, Google Play India’s ‘Best of 2017’ was released featuring the most popular apps, books, music, movies and TV shows from India, for 2017. Taking the first spot on the list of most popular movies in India was ‘Dear Zindagi‘, followed by films with strong, female protagonists – ‘Moana’ and ‘Wonder Woman‘ in the second and third spots, respectively. ‘Boss Baby’ came in fourth, with ‘Doctor Strange’ rounding out the top five. In the list of mobile applications, Camera and Photo Editing apps were extremely popular this year. ‘Photo Editor...

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