Gadgets have always fascinated the elders and children alike. Be it Doremon’s pouch of gadgets or the world’s house of gadgets. Gadgets have always made our work easy, starting from much smaller things to huge things today. Gadgets have brought us a step ahead and to some extent made us lazy too maybe. But what matters is the reduced work. Today we are going to see about eyeQue VisionCheck.

What is EyeQue VisionCheck?

EyeQue VisionCheck is a vision testing device. It is a Bluetooth-powered portable device that is app operated. It helps you do the vision tests sitting at your home. This means now no more doctor visits just to check your eyes. It measures the nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. After performing the associated calculations with a powerful algorithm it gives the Eye Glass number.

This Eye Glass Number acts same as the one doctor prescribed number. One can take the number to the retailer and get the glass for your eyes. This not only makes things easier but also skips the long hours in the waiting room and the days waiting for the appointment!!


The smartphone attachments have 3 motors rotated optical lenses that adjust itself automatically and check the sight. It also contains a chargeable battery, a Bluetooth interface, and a touch mechanism. The application for the checking is easy to download and is freely available.


To get the perfect reading of your eye, the person has to align the red and green lights. These lights come from the scope. The lights are aligned until they touch. The scope i.e. the vision check has buttons that can make the lines come near and also make them apart. The number of presses of the buttons determines the number of the eye. The process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is a bit complicated.

The vision check attached to the phone does the testing. The Bluetooth connectivity with the phone sends the data to your phone where it is available for you to see.

For whom??

 The complication of the process is a thing that makes it difficult to use. For a person who constantly needs to check his sight, this is a good option. But for a person who hardly makes a visit in a year going to the doctor is a much better option. This will also help the doctors to remotely observe their patients and provide medication.

The vision check will cost approximately 30$ and will be in the market by March of this year.


EyeQue VisionCheck is a device that will take things easy and accurate at the same time. It is a device that will help people literally take things in their hands, in turn, reducing dependency. This is a step that might reduce the work of the doctors too but not end their jobs because the gadget will at the most provide you with final results. To help understand the obtained result one will have to seek the help of doctors.

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