India is launching electronic intelligence satellite Emisat on April 1. So it is a special mission taking place. ISRO is using a PSLV rocket with four strap on motor and ISRO will be launching two more satellites in July or August. So For that ISRO has new Rocket SSLV.

India with new technologies

India is growing day by day in every field. It’s a country of intelligent people and India is growing with technology. This country is also well-known for it’s space research. ISRO is a big reason for India’s space research growth. So now India is launching new satellite and It’s name is Emisat. It is an electronic intelligence satellite. The PSLV C-45 will take off from Satish Dhawan space centre in Shrihaarikota at 9:30 AM carrying the satellites on board.

India is launching new Satellite

On 1st April , India is launching new Electronic intelligence satellite Emisat for Defence Research Development Organisation. Along with 28 third party satellite it will also demonstrate it’s new technologies like three different orbits. For that ISRO is using PSLV rocket. The agency said that the 28 international satellites are from Lithuania, Spain, Switzerland and USA. Satellite has launched under commercial arrangements.


It’s full form is Polar Satellite launch vehicle. This Rocket is putting first 436kg Emisat into 749km orbit. Rocket will be brought down to put into orbit so the 28 satellites are at an altitude of 504km. This will be followed by Rocket down further to 485km. The fourth stage engine will be carrying three experimental loads.

  1. Automatic Identification system. System has used to capture massages from ships.
  2. Atomatic Packet Repeating System. APRS is to assist amature radio operators. It works in tracking and monitoring position data. 
  3. Advance Retarding Potential Analyser for Ionosperic studies. It is for structural and compositional studies.

The PSLV is a Four stage engine expandable rocket. And With alternative solid and liquids. PSLV sequence will take about from the rocket’s lift.


In rocket’s first stage , it will have six straps on motor. In March ISRO flew with two strap motor and then it had four strap on motor along with two more PSLV variants. ISRO selects rockets according to it’s satellite carrying weight. ISRO will be launching two more satellites in July or August. For DRDO, the space agency launched a defense imaging satellite Microsat R. The satellite is intended for Electromagnetic spectrum measurement. ISRO will be hurled at an altitude of about 505 km. Normally once the launch mission is over, the Rocket engine is left redundant as space debris. But during the last PSLV mission it adopted the same innovative method.

There are Two institutions

Indian institute of space science (IISc) and Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation these are the two institutions involved in the project. It will have their devices on the experimental devices. To capture messages from ships and to assist Amateur radio operator and structural and compositional studies. These institutions are going to take lead in this process. These institutions has done very important work in the launching process.


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