Microsoft has introduced first fully automated DNA data storage system. The device can translate digital data into DNA. Microsoft has developed this system in partnership with the University of Washington. It translates Photos, Videos and Texts into DNA form. We are producing data at such a rate that one day we will come to a point that we will have data but no storage.

Microsoft said

The Microsoft’s blog post said, Microsoft has successfully developed an end-to-end automated DNA storage device. So Microsoft can translate digital information into DNA and back to bits. It is a key step moving in a technology. Out of the research lab and into commercial datacenters. It is a fully automated system to store and retrieve the data in manufacture DNA. So Microsoft has developed this system in partnership with University of Washington. They translated “HELLO” into DNA and converted into a digital form. System converted this in just 21 hours. But Nature scientific reports has reported this journal. 

Kiran strauss, principal researcher said,

“Our ultimate goal is to put a system into production that, to the end user, looks very much like any other cloud storage service — bits are sent to a data center and stored there and then they just appear when the customer wants them,”

As per Strauss , Microsoft needs to prove this principal with automation perspective.

About System

Microsoft’s this system has so far stored one gigabyte of data in DNA. This one gigabyte includes cat photographs, great literary work, pop videos as well as recordings in DNA form. The system will retrieve the DNA without errors. Microsoft’s DNA data storage system uses a software. This software converts the ones and zeros of digital data into As, Ts, Cs and Gs. It makes building blocks of DNA. Then software uses cheap lab equipment to flow the necessary liquids. The input of chemicals into synthesizer builds manufactured Snippets of DNA. All this is to push them into a storage vessels. To prepare proper DNA it adds other chemicals when the system needs to retrieve the information. System uses the microfluidic pump to push the liquids into other parts of system. It is to read the DNA sequence and convert back into information that computer can understand.

Inside the system

This information is stored in a synthetic DNA molecules which is created in labs. Software can encrypt the data before sent to the system. It is not a DNA from human beings or other living things. The team also developed some advance techniques. Techniques can search and retrieve only images which contains apple and green bicycle. System is using molecules themselves. Without having to converts file back into a digital format. This system is going to help more. As it is converting the data into a DNA form.

Luis Seze, Professor at the Varsity

“We are definitely seeing a new kind of computer system being born here where you are using molecules to store data and electronics for control and processing. Putting them together holds some really interesting possibilities for the future,”

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