There are millions of apps in the google play store for any smartphone. And for each function, there must be nearly a dozen apps. Different apps may suit different people, as their purposes may differ. However, there are some apps which can be generally said one of the best in their category. So, we’ve got these apps sorted for you, so that you can simply download them for free from play store and get to using them on your smartphones.

1. Nova launcher: the launcher app for smartphone:

This app has been in existence since very long. And, it is just as reliable as ever. The launcher is smooth, and doesn’t put any heavyweight on the working of your phone. There are various options available when it come to icons and wallpaper themes. Moreover, there are customisations of icons available as well. The list goes on and on to make usage of a smartphone even more easier. Majority of these features are available for free of cost. One may buy the premium version which has many additional features and customizations. Hence, making it ads free.

2. Google assistant for smartphone:

It is a feature that runs on artificial intelligence. One can do a million things using Google assistant. Asking questions, running apps and checking weather are easy examples of what a Google assistant does. One can even make calls or send texts using this feature. Thus, there is a lot going through Google assistant.

3. Swift key: the keyboard app:

Today, many things can be done through a smartphone. And typing on your phone is one of the necessary tasks. With swift key keyboard app, typing becomes efficient and easier.

The predictions made by swift key and the autocorrect option make typing easier and faster. There is an inbuilt GIF search bar, which allows much more apt expression. And, one need not worry about sensitive information such as credit card details or passwords. Swift key makes sure that nothing of this sort is saved. So, swift key takes care of security as well.

4. Google duo: the video calling app:

Now, making video calls on Google duo is as simple as making a standard phone call. One can easily log in and verify the phone number. After this, you are free to make video calls. Its unique “Knock Knock” feature lets you have a live preview of the caller before you receive the call. Good thing is, this app is available for both android and iOS, making it a first choice for a video calling app for users around the world. As a result, it is a strong contestant in the app race.

5. WPS office + pdf: the office app:

WPS office is a complete office app. It is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and integrates PDF, presentations, spreadsheets, memo, Google docs, etc. and hardly leaves anything that can’t be done in this app. It has the option to convert files in pdf and read pdf files as well. One can enable premium version as well, to enable features such as signature on PDF files, merging PDF files, etc.

6. Whatsapp: instant messaging app:

It is no wonder that whatsapp is the top instant messaging app. Being one of the very first apps of its kind, it has now become as widely used as the calling feature. There have been more messaging apps since whatsapp, even with more features than it, but whatsapp remains evergreen. It has made sure to add new features on a regular basis, and the ease of use of this app makes it the best messaging app ever. Thus there is no challenger to it as well.

7. Google maps:
Google Maps is a web mapping service for real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transit, and details about millions of people. In Google maps, you’ll see street maps, shortest route to your destination, directions and real time traffic info. There are many apps for this purpose as well. But the ease of use of google maps again makes it the best choice. The app provides navigation service in more than 200 countries.

8. Evernote: note taking app:

One needs to make and maintain notes in a phone. Evernote is one app which allows the user to take notes in various formats including text, photos, audio, video and sketches. The notes are easy to navigate, and hence the app helps you to keep your notes in an organised manner.

9. Shareit: data sharing app:

It is tedious to always carry data cable for the purpose of data transfer. Moreover, transferring data through a data cable can take sometime. On the top of that, such transfer is not possible between two phones. Shareit is one such app which allows transfer of data among two smartphones and a smartphone and a PC at a fast speed. This app is must for those who need to send and receive huge amount of data on a regular basis.

10. Google drive: cloud storage app:

One can save all types of documents and data on Google drive. Even when a person has to switch to a new phone, it can be done easily as all the data can be recovered easily through the Google drive. Upto 15 GB data can be stored in google drive. Hence, It becomes an essential app for those interested in safeguarding information in their phone.