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Meizu Zero: the beginning of a new reign


Mobile phones have always fascinated humans. Though it is much into the general use now still there are times when the makers of these mobile phones hold us by wonder. Since the times when mobiles were a luxury to now that it has become a need with every new phone, a new feature comes to meet us. From the fat, limited featured phone to the current fully equipped to do almost anything phone we have come a long way. And there is still a long way to go. What is new today is the hole-less phones!!

What are hole-less phones?

The majority mobile phones in the market have ports for charging, headphones, sim card etc. but the hole-less phones have bid good-bye to these. What’s more is that these phones have also said good-bye to the buttons too. So basically these phones are port and button free smooth phones.

Meizu Zero

Meizu Zero is the world’s first hole-less phone. It literally has no ports, buttons or holes and works pretty well without these supposed-to-be mandatory things. All thanks to the immense technological advancements that have taken place.

 Prices around 1299$ (Rs. 92,300 approximately) the phone is now available for preorder. To increase the interest of people the company is accepting only 100 pre-orders of the phone. The pre-order ends on marts 1st. 

Features one by one

The screen is 5.99-inch full HD + AMOLED display. The fingerprint sensor is housed inside the screen itself so no need of an independent scanner. Even the top and bottom bezels are slim and curved. It has a ceramic body, and it is IP68-rated water and dust resistant.

Speakers is a thing that will definitely need holes on the phone body, but wait. The screen of the Meizu Zero uses Meizu’s “mSound 2.0” technology. This technology allows the screen to serve as speaker and earpiece too. The microphones are hiding in the bottom edge.

Buttons and ports

Charging the phone needs a port. But we are in the world of technology and here everything is going wireless then why not charging? The phone supports 18W wireless charging. That eliminates one mandatory port of the usual phones

Without a SIM card, the phone is nothing but a device that has a screen and some feature that get boring after a time. But without a SIM card port how do we insert SIM in the phone? What if you don’t need to insert a SIM card? Using an eSIM that’s right.

There is no headphone jack on the Meizu Zero too. The volume keys and power buttons belong to the last generation of phones. In the Meizu Zero, they are replaced with virtual buttons on the side of the phone. 

Internal features

The Meizu Zero is powered with the Qualcomm Snapdragon and octa-core processor. The phone will be available in 4 and 6 GB RAM and will have an internal memory of 64 and 128 GB respectively.


The Meizu Zero is a completed pack of technology that can make any difference to the mobile phones market. There are definitely some features missing but to be the first phone in the league it is definitely more than what would have been expected.

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