Now a days scientists are focusing on solar energy. Sun is the biggest and a free source of energy we can have. We have solar panels, which are used in so many works. Big industries are also focusing on these solar panels. Now scientists are working on something extraordinary which is a solar power generator.


A German Architect has designed an innovative form of a solar power generator. It is not flat or thin like other PV panels. This one is a huge transparent sphere. This is really out of the box thing. For this, they are using the geometry and optical properties of the giant see-through ball. So this solution acts like a giant magnifying glass to make power. They compared this to conventional PV systems, it can reach an efficiency level of 57%. They have combined tech and design. This solar generator is a literal definition of “state-of-the-art”.

Spherical Sun power generator

It is a solar capture device which is designed by German Architect Andre Broessel which is known as the beta.ey. He is confident about his innovation which he thinks is a capable solution of squeezing more juice out of the sun. the actual development of beta.ey was conducted by Andre and Rawlemon Limited. They are a very high technology company. They have developed and market the next generation mass concentrating photovoltaics ( CPV ) and concentrating thermal ( CSP ) modules. As per design, so the Architect claims should also enable the generator to harvest energy.

So this beta.ey has a hybrid collector to convert daily electricity and thermal energy at the same time. By using ultra transmission ball lens point focusing concentrator, while reducing the silicon cell area to 25%. It operates at an efficiency level of nearly 57% in hybrid mode. At night time when there is no solar energy work, the ball lens can transform into a high-power lamp to illuminate your location, simply by using few LEDs. This station is designed for off-grid conditions. It also supplements buildings the technology can also integrate a hybrid collector that can harvest thermal and solar energy simultaneously.

How does it work?

The spherical solar power generation works by using a large transparent sphere. It is to focus diffused sunlight onto a small surface area of mini-solar panels. Solar panels are so small of this device. Its relative efficiency is increased. It is in effect of an innovative form of other concentrated photovoltaic technologies (CPVs). As per other devices, it tends to make use of mirrors and lenses to focus solar energy onto a solar cell collector.

How it is better than conventional PV?

Beta.ey has the geometry of a large transparent sphere with a dual-axis tracking system. Then the collector of that theory produces twice the yield of a conventional solar panel. Like other CPVs, this innovation is automatically more efficient than PV. Its ability to collect as much solar energy as possible. This is only achievable by being able to move the panel in two axes throughout the day. Large commercial flat plate solar panel systems tend to have an efficiency of around 16 to 20 %.