“Tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh, mili hai to sirf tarikh, par insaaf nahi mila judge sahib.” This dialogue immediately prepares a courtroom scene in our minds. Bollywood has always given us the feel of courts. The judge, lawyers, media, the statements and counter-statements, everything fascinates us. But what would happen if lawyers lose jobs?? No, the world isn’t giving up on conflicts. AI is taking over the lawyers.

What is AI lawyer concept??

The concept basically is using AI for studying, deriving patterns, performing comparisons, and drawing out a conclusion. The tasks that take human lawyers days together to perform can be performed very quickly. It will also formulate unbiased results. AI is a logic driven system and human is an emotion-driven animal. This difference makes AI lawyers more accurate in predictions.

Why AI?

For a human lawyer, it will take months to study a case and get ready to fight a case. The driving force that led to the introduction of AI was why to waste so much time on things that can be done in minutes. Experiments prove that AI can produce more successful results as compared to a well-experienced lawyer.

The success rate of an AI lawyer is also more because it does not have to remember a past case. If it confronts a case and has dealt with a similar case in the past it will immediately use the previous results. These results will be available to him at a click. This is not the case with humans.

How to do this??

First of all, the AI will have to learn to analyze the case and most importantly word out the analysis in human understandable language. The use of deep learning, natural language processing, and artificial neural networks can make this task possible.

Deep learning

Deep learning is used for processing data, making analysis, establishing relationships between that analyzed data, and tracking the flow of work. This is an important step for understanding a particular case. It also comprises making estimations and predictions. This is an important application because it can perform a lot of calculations fast and easily.

Basically, deep learning will help in understanding the case in all aspects.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing can parse millions of data files. During the process, it establishes relationships between words and makes their importance based on its status in the sentence. For example, let us say. It will know that the probability of finding the work sweet with sugar has more probability then finding sour.

It helps the system understand the relationships and use them to make sentences.

Artificial Neural Networks

The artificial neural network is used to make assumptions, estimates and draw out conclusions. The basic idea of the case that was studied in the first place is used as input. Artificial neural networks perform the desired calculations and operations thus making it easier to draw a conclusion.

The basic idea behind introducing AI in law was to calculate who is correct instead of arguing and to make a machine that can do the work of days in minutes.


AI-human cooperation can make wonders is a world-recognized fact by now. The use of technology for the betterment of humans is the goal behind all the advancements that are being done. The AI lawyer may or may not replace lawyers but it will definitely speed up the justice-seeking process.