Alexa commands to process on AI chips

Alexa commands to process on AI chips

Artificial intelligence is slowly seeping into our tech world with Apple’s Face ID tech and Huawei’s automatic camera settings for good pictures offline support for Bing’s Translator on the new Mate 10 series. Even our household water systems are using artificial intelligence. Slowly even Amazon has gone the AI path by introducing Amazon Go and now by the introduction of AI chips in amazon products. Now all Alexa-powered products(which includes The Echo smart speakers) will use an AI chip for processing commands. The idea is to use the chip to process voice commands on the device itself rather than rely as heavily as Echo speakers currently do on the cloud, making for quicker responses to your questions.

Now Why would Alexa need Artificial Intelligence?

In previous alexa-powered devices, to formulate any answer, Alexa would have to contact the cloud or extract information from your cloud. This results in delay, as noticed by daily users. Adding an artificial intelligence allows Alexa to respond to your queries much easily and faster, thus increasing its efficiency.

For now, it can only process simple commands from the chip (and thus, still rely on the cloud heavily for more complex commands). But still it’s a good start for introducing the AI in home entertainment systems.

Amazon in or out?

With already AI slowly dominating our markets in almost every field and making the competition even fierce, Has Amazon really taken a good step by introducing AI in Amazon Echo? Well It does turn out, it would fare pretty well as compared to other speakers. Amazon’s Echo beat Google Home series last year with sales going upto 20 million. By introducing AI chips, Not only would it cut down on its production costs but also provide a much better experience for its users. This way, Amazon is still heading the game in terms of home speakers.



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