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Amazon Has Plans About To Launch Satellites


Amazon is planning to launch satellites to offer broadband internet. Its a long- term project of Amazon. So this will cater to people globally who lack basic access to broadband internet.


As all we know, Amazon is a big multinational technology company based in Seattle Washington. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. whenever we want to buy something online we prefer Amazon. Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform in the world. Amazon`s revenue is more than any other e-commerce company. Amazon also owns a publishing arm. It also contributes to film and television studio. Amazon has its own Amazon it has separate retail websites for some countries. And It also offers international shipping of some of its products. Amazon is working on a new project. So Amazon is planning to launch satellites.


Amazon`s project name is Kuiper. Kuiper will launch a constellation of low earth orbit satellites. kuiper will provide low latency and high-speed broadband connectivity. Amazon`s chief executive officer Jeff  Bezos wants to pull his private space company blue origin out of start-up mode into production. Amazon is building a network of over 3,000 satellites through this new initiative ‘Project Kuiper’. And this is an attempt by the e-commerce giant. It is to provide internet access. And it is made with the International Telecommunication Union.


This project will cater to people globally. For those who lack basic access to broadband internet. Project Kuiper will launch a constellation of low earth orbit satellites. Project Kuiper will provide low latency. it will provide high-speed broadband connectivity, as per Company. Amazon`s chief executive officer Jeff Bezos is racing to pull his start-up. Amazon`s start-up is of Blue Origin. he wants to move it into production. Bezos` rocket company is among a crop of billionaire-backed space. ventures seeking to disrupt the legacy launch services market. So they have used reusable rocket technology.


he filings were made last month by the federal communications commission last month. It was on behalf of Amazon`s Kuiper system LLC. So this is one of the initial steps for Amazon. but It still needs to seek approval from The FCC and regulators in the countries. Amazon has confirmed that the satellites would provide data coverage for spots on the earth. it is ranging 56 degrees from north to 56 degrees to the south. It is an area that covers about 95 percent of the world. 

It`s a long process

It is hard to say the availability date for Amazon`s broadband service. SpaceX has applied FCC approval of its satellite broadband constellation in November 2016. SpaceX has made significant progress with regulators. So it is getting FCC approval to deploy up to 11,943 broadband satellites. so as they have said, still they don’t have any fixed answer about the date. they bare approving there all the main documents which are related to satellites. so when they will get the approval, Amazon is going to announce the date. As everyone used to get excited for its every new project. The same excitement is there among their fans.   

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