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Global E-commerce sales going with Huge Discounts


                                                                   Global E-commerce sales going with Huge Discounts


Earlier, the availability of different products online was an achievement by the online retailers. The fact that anything can be bought online used to be a proud fact. That now people have more variety of products and the comfort of shopping from their homes used to be a big thing. But now, this is no more the case.

Now, a price war has started among the leading online retailers. Now, many of the same products are available on the major online shopping platforms. So, the real competition is the price. To keep the competition going, these websites constantly come up with huge discounts. The same has been happening now and the competition among amazon and myntra is getting fierce.

A four-day sale has been announced by the two leading retail websites in India: Amazon (June 21-24) and Myntra (June 22-25). Both of these websites are providing great discounts and alluring cashback offers to make the sale successful. And, this tactic has been working successfully ever since the concept of online shopping has come up in India.

Amazon is a pro in providing goods of pretty much every kind. They provide goods such as books, cosmetics, electronics, home appliances, clothing, footwear and much more. Whenever a person wants to buy a thing which is not easily available anywhere, there is a very high chance that Amazon can avail that to you.

On the other hand, Myntra is specialised in clothing, footwear and similar accessories like handbags. Flipkart is the first preference of many people when it comes to electronics.

So, Amazon is providing 40 to 90 percent discount on products such as clothes, footwear, watches, bags and luggage, handbags, jewellery, wearables, home appliances and personal care. The discounts are applicable on many big brands like lavie, jockey, biba and capresse.

Similarly, Myntra is providing a discount of 50 to 80 percent with some exciting cashback offers as well. They have announced a sale in which one adds items to his/her wishlist. The discounts are huge.

But one needs to wait for the midnight of 22nd June to check out. In case they wanted to have an early access to their cart, they can pay a fee of INR 199 and avail the goods at a discounted price before the actual sale starts.

And Flipkart! It has launched its super value week between 18 to 24 June. In this week, the offers provided by them are mainly focused on the smartphones. There are attractive buying options such as EMIs as low as INR 299 and a cashback of 8000 on purchasing google pixel 2 for the holders of HDFC debit and credit cards.

As much as these offers are attractive and availing products to the customers at great prices, it has become a concern for the brick and mortar sellers, as providing discounts as high as 80-90 percent is just not feasible for them. It will be interesting to see how they hold themselves in this situation where online giants are clearly preparing to run a major portion of India’s economy.

The article has been written by: Kajal Dhamija


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