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Android O is officially Android 8.0 Oreo Now!


The official name of the next version of Google’s mobile OS that is Android O is officially confirmed as Android Oreo Now! The Android Oreo sounds much better than Oatmeal Cookie, isn’t it? Along with the name, the version number is also confirmed which is to be Android 8.0.

As promised from Google I/O, Android Oreo brings feature updates including notification dots on app icons, picture-in-picture mode, Android Instant App compatibility, and an autofill tool to help quickly and securely enter passwords and other personal information. The OS will also limit background apps from overusing your device’s battery to help extend charge.

Google has traditionally used sweet treats for the names of its major Android releases, dating back to Android 1.5 that was Cupcake.  KitKat (4.4) was the last branded release, with Google typically sticking to generic dessert names wherever possible. Oreo is pretty much the only choice for an “O” dessert that’s broadly and instantly recognizable.

How to download it to your device?

Check out Google’s blog for instructions. As seen with the developer release, the public beta will be first available for selected Nexus and Pixel smartphones. Google has introduced several new features like PIP, new emojis, and faster boot times.

Stright away this O.S Release was not so exciting.  Android O contains few value based user interface updates. The team did plenty of work in the backend but The focus of this release is just the New Notification Dots.

What’s New in Android Oreo? 

  • x faster to boot up
  • Minimises background app activity
  • Autofill remembers app logins
  • Picture in Picture lets you see two apps at once
  • Notification dots quickly show you what’s new, and can be swiped off screen
  • Android Instant Apps launch within your browser with no installation
  • Google Play Protect scans apps to keep your device and data safe
  • Improved battery life
  • Redesigned emoji library with more than 60 new emoji

Android O is rolling out to Pixel and Nexus 5X/6P devices soon, Google says, and anyone on the preview will be updated to the final version, as well. Pixel C and Nexus Player are next up for official updates, too, with other devices to follow shortly.

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Saurabh Sharma

Reliance AGM 2017: RIL Becomes The First Company to Feature AGM on Virtual Reality [Exclusive]

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