Android P Crashes Unresponsive Apps Instead of Showing ANR Dialogs

Android P Crashes Unresponsive Apps Instead of Showing ANR Dialogs

Android’s latest version was announced recently at Google I/O ’18 and users of the popular smartphone OS are raving over the changes. Android P brings a bunch of exciting improvements over its predecessor – Android O. Along with features like new navigation gestures, Slices API and a new Biometrics API, there are many changes which improve the stability and performance of the OS. One of the most interesting change is the removal of the Apps Not Responding (ANR) dialogue boxes for active applications irrespective of foreground or background apps. Previously, when apps did not respond, the user was given an intimation but post this update, the OS will crash the app giving no intimation or notification about the app crash.

This feature reduces the chances of apps crashing and reduces the number of non-response reports the servers receive. The ANR dialog boxes as it is don’t seem to make a difference to the outcome – most users end up killing the app. The developers are to be praised for this feature and finding an efficient way to deal with apps that are not responding.  This feature can be disabled by opening developer options.

This is not the only change in Android P regarding the visibility of the apps working in the background. Prior to this version, Android Oreo introduced the recurring notification when certain apps were still active in the background. Android P now gets rid of that notification completely.

This feature is really cool and and improves the efficiency of the device. Google literally just solved a problem we didn’t even know we had – but now that we do, we feel quite relived! Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Article by Hrithik Goel for TechieScoops


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