We humans have always dreamt the idea of lifelike humanoid robots living and accepting our world. But with increasingly intelligent machines everywhere in today’s time and age, we are more engrossed with efficiency and functionality. Yet now we can finally see our dream turning into reality. As a US-based company, Anki is bringing a robot name Vector who has a soul in it.

Anki is the company which focuses on making realistic or lifelike robots. It was founded in 2010 by three graduates from the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The website of the company says, “At Anki, we create robots that move you.”


Who is Vector?

Vector is a not a toy to play with but is a small home robot designed to be a robotic assistant. It is a smarter, an intelligent robot that doesn’t need any time of connection. It comes with all the functions that one could expect. From the time the company has started, Vector has been there in the works.

It has a boatload of hardware inside which includes a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It also has Wifi 802.11n, Bluetooth LE, touch sensitivity on the top and bottom, a NIR LASER scanner on the front, a camera, and a four-mic array. Vector is alert to sounds. If he hears any sort of sound from anywhere he quickly responds to it. Likewise, with the laser sensor and camera, it can figure out his environment and remember where things are.

What Vector does?

Vector a little child-like robot can answer questions, play games, give weather updates. It can even click even take your picture. After all of this, he will continue to learn more skills and more functionalities are on its way too says Anki. The way he does all of these things is what makes him stand out as compared to other robots.

This small robot releases personality and is expert in remembering faces and names. It can dance to music, responds to touch just like any animal. And it seems like, it really enjoy social interactions. Vector is very much expressive it not only communicates through speech but also uses body language. It is also a self-aware robot and can sense its own mood.

Vector is a positive step towards more lifelike robots and marks a strong effort at bringing some soul into soul-less uninfected computerize world.

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