Human Resource is a key part of any organization. A happy family makes four walls a home, in the same way, a good team makes a successful organization. This process of preparing a good team starts with managing the workforce. No matter how hard we try humans are incapable of doing these tasks efficiently.

What is HR?

HR is a department of a company or an organization. It deals with the recruitment, administration, and training of the people in an organization. Basically, HR is a team that manages the people that work in the company, the way they work and the way that they are treated.

Traditionally HR team would do all the work manually. When the workforce was less this work was a doable thing. With the increasing workforce and the competition in them, manual working of all the process is difficult. To do justice to the people and the work, HR nowadays is implementing new schemes to increase the efficiency of work. Organizations are implementing AI to increase the efficiency.

What can AI do??

AI has the power to take HR to a new level. Just like an HR specialist has quoted,” AI can help you to handle recruiting, productivity, and retention more efficiently than traditional HR methods. At the same time, it also allows you to do it faster than ever before.”
AI is being implemented at various steps in an organization.

Work distribution:

There are various AI-based applications which can reduce the work of the recruitment team. The application scans and compares the resumes to the requirements. In this way the application does 75% of the work. The recruitment team only concentrates on the potential applicants. This way the company also saves the cost of inefficient recruitment.


New employees need assistance when they join the organization. Not always a talented person fits in easily. He needs time and a healthy environment to accept the new surroundings. With a well-developed onboarding program, the new person gets well versed and performs better.


We live in a constantly changing world. To sustain in the competition we need to live updated each moment. AI helps in organizing the training and sessions according to the time and capabilities of each employee.

Performance analysis:

Gone are the days when once you are recruited life is set. Today company analyzes an employee for each moment and on each product. You lack behind and the competition is tough. To analyze the work of each employee manually is a tiresome and too much work to do. AI helps in analyzing step by step activities and gives results that are easier and better to understand.


Despite every care taken and happiness factors considered, retention is the biggest problem. Employees are an important asset of the company and need to be taken care of. AI system helps in detecting the weak points. These weak points help in managing the problem even before it occurs.


AI has an important place these days. Be it simple calculations or complicated space operations, every implementation has AI in it. The HR department is using this AI today to increase the efficiency of the working class. After all, where there is competition there is progress. With the increasing competition in the world, better technologies will only take us towards a better tomorrow.