WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. The new generation platforms of connecting with old and meeting new people. Widening their scope. Initially came into the market as 3 independent projects owned by 3 different people, with time all came under one roof. Facebook, the company that owns it all. Being the owner of 3 big social platforms takes you on another level of pride. Along with this a big field was open for experimentation. The biggest experiment yet is now in planning. The merger of architecture of Fb, Insta and whatapp. The merger of 3 huge social platforms.

The platform merger game

At this date, the three social giants have different independent infrastructures. These three different infrastructures run the three platforms naturally. Every platform has its own positives and negatives. The users have seen how these social platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram) are getting similar features with slight changes.

Having the same features and having the same architecture are two different things. It is like governing the four pillars of democracy (Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, and Press) with the same rules. It can be possible but it is not suggestive to do. Because it might create confusion. This is exactly what the merger of platforms will do. It will run WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram with one common architecture.

The feature sharing

Deploying a common architecture Facebook is planning to give end-to-end encryption to Instagram and Facebook as well. This feature is currently being serviced only by WhatsApp. Facebook messenger has this feature but it requires special settings and Instagram did not have any such feature. Both the Apps will receive end-to-end encryption as a default setting after the merger.

With this, the company aims to give its users the feeling of security and eventually expects that this step will keep people for a longer time. It will enhance the user experience and also limit the data that the service provider company will get and thus reduces the data that can be stolen.

The security measures

There have been times Facebook was intending to share WhatsApp data with advertising companies. But the project was brought to a standstill as that involved a lot of privacy issues. The company states it will look into all the privacy and security related matters before proceeding with the plan.

Further sharing

Along with the architecture and a few features the company plans much more sharing. The company is looking forward to merging the messaging platform data keeping the three platforms independent at the same time. This literally means the three platforms will appear to be different but will be having the same backbone. This can be a severe case of multiple personality disorder, the same person, same brain just different personality. And that sounds scary.

The company intends to proceed with this project but says it still needs to confirm how much of it can actually happen. The Data Protection Authorities have once denied and fined the company for trying to merge data. How much information can now be shared in this changed situation still remains a question.

Planning, and execution

The company says a lot is yet to be planned and there is a lot of debating regarding the same. As of now, the company has not decided anything concrete. Once the things work out the company will be starting the execution. The company aims to have this project ready in 2019 so that it will be ready to be deployed by 2020.


A lot is happening around the world and a lot more will happen. The step by Facebook can come out to be hugely successful or might turn out to be a real failure. The time alone has answers regarding the outcomes. All we can do is hope for the best and wait for the new change.