Artificial Intelligence: How may I assist you?


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“How may I assist you?”

Have you ever heard such line from any of the non-living creatures before? Yes! I’m talking about Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI. AI is a software program that once made. It learns new thinArtificial Intelligencegs by observing the surrounding. It is very complex and an advanced program which includes many logical expressions. We can call it a simulation of human intelligence processes by machines or better to say computer systems. This includes learning from the surrounding, Reasoning to make approximate or final results and mainly Self-learning!

There are mainly two types of Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI’s; Weak AI and Strong AI. An example of weak AI is Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, etc. Weak AI is basically a non-artificial consciousness. It generally focuses on one narrow task. But in contrast, Strong AI is conscious, sentient and smart minded. It includes machines that exhibit behaviour at least as skilful and flexible as human. Jarvis from Iron Man and Terminator they will give you a quick idea of strong AI. They are designed and expected to think beyond the programming guidelines. (better to say Outside The Box).

Artificial Intelligence

At present, the weak AI is active in our day to day life applications and captures electronics and telecommunication market rapidly. While on the other hand, the strong AI is in its developing stage. Weak AI follows mainly the three laws of robotics by Isaac Asimov and mostly works on the guidelines that define the broad class of acts or tasks that robot can perform. But the moment robots start thinking beyond this three laws it shows an example of Strong AI. The sci-fi i.e. science fiction prediction on the same says the day when strong AI’s once come into existence the human race will be doomed!

Artificial Intelligence

Many applications, advantages, disadvantages. But, Keep Calm,

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