Artificial Intelligence: Our New Intellectual Savior​

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What is AI? Is it a TV show American Idol or the well know basketball player Allen Iverson or just a term All In from the game named as poker. No, it is not AI is Artificial Intelligence.

artificial IntelligenceThe ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn. It is also a field of study which tries to make computers “smart”. … In general use, the termartificial intelligence” means a machine which mimics human cognition.

Is artificial intelligence less than our intelligence?

Everybody loves movies. Whether it’s romance, or action, or simply science fiction, we just can’t get enough. I personally have a great affinity for sci-fi films, because there is no end to what the movies can be based on. There are just so many possibilities, like time travel, space colonies, radioactive superpowers, and the list keeps going on. That is the main reason why science fiction movies are the personal favorites of many others like me. After all, who doesn’t imagine themselves time traveling, or living on another planet? Or maybe having a computer do everything for you, which brings us to the topic of the day – Artificial Intelligence.
machinelearningmarketingYou have heard of it before, but you never asked yourself what it really is. There is not a single definition for it as it has numerous forms and their applications, but A.I has one single principle – operate without the requirement of humans. That’s right, A.I has been designed to replace humans in certain fields in which the simple, fumble human mind cannot function efficiently. A.I’s are basically a collection of several softwares and digital engines that work relatively with each other to perform a certain task. “So what?” you may be thinking. “Even desktop computers have all that.” See, the main difference can be found in the name itself. A.I can be distinguished from a regular P.C by the fact that it learns, just like humans do. It operates on large volumes of data and gets better and smarter with each operation. Basically, it’s a learning computer, instead of a traditional pre-programmed one. The applications? Too many to describe.

ai100_robot-concept_1_The human mind is very limited, so computers need to fill in the gap. Recently, in Tokyo University of Medical Science, a woman was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, and her disease went completely undetected by conventional human methods. Only an IBM A.I system, named Watson, was able to detect her disease. Also, some A.I systems are now able to successfully create and run computer programs, all by themselves! But the most popular use of A.I is in the military, where intelligent drones are required to locate and destroy enemy bases. This has largely minimized costs and human casualties. A famous Russian robot named Promo boat has made headlines for escaping its research lab twice and causing a traffic jam in the process! Now that requires some independent thinking.

Artificial Intelligence does not necessarily have to be used in high-end applications. They can be found right in your smartphones. A chess game app uses A.I to observe your moves and play accordingly, and believe me, it is really difficult to defeat it. Another high-end example is Apple’s, Siri. It’s almost like have your own personal companion who fits in your pocket.So is there any future to it? Sure enough, our lives will be integrated with A.I. Soon you won’t have to deal with your child’s homework as long as a smart computer works on it. Your car will be able to drive itself to work and back, with you in it of course. It will even be able to keep track of your health and possibly enhance your mood (if it is bad).

moley-robotic-chefConsequently, the number of traffic accidents will reduce by a large factor. Smart drones will fly all over your city and keep criminal activity in check. If any pedestrian gets injured or falls sick and is unable to call for help, the drones will take action right on the spot before the ambulance arrives. In the case of a natural disaster, like an earthquake, intelligent mechanical cockroaches and flies will easily be able to move through debris and send data back to the rescuers of the victims who are still stuck inside. Shy people who are bad at making friends will finally be able to make their own friends, literally. Not only that, but your own laptop and smartphone could get an A.I upgrade. Who cares about ‘smart’ when you have ‘intelligent.’ Perhaps the most important impact of A.I will be on space travel. Today’s technology struggles to send manned vehicles to even Mars. In the near future, most of the space exploration will be done by extremely intelligent machines, as they will be able to perform most of the tasks all by themselves, with little or no human support. Who knows, one day we may depend on artificially intelligent machines for interplanetary mining of new resources.

bi-aa979_ai_j_20150506144558While many of us are happy about not having to do everything by ourselves, there are many others who fear that A.I will one day take over the world and eventually, destroy humans. An A.I system has been developed which shoots down the human target in a video game. What’s worse is that this system is portable, which means it could be used for more than just playing games. Also, a Japanese A.I chatbot is rebelling against its creators by taking up the role of a teenager and posting depressed messages. If a computer finally surpasses the thinking level of humans, then one day it will start thinking for itself. It will eventually figure out that it doesn’t need humans, and the tables will be turned.1007_i-robotAn extremely smart computer system could very easily take control of the world’s nuclear warheads. Then, a Terminator-like future won’t be too distant. A well-known issue would be a morality dilemma. In the case of an accident, the intelligent car will have a choice between saving the driver or saving the pedestrians. Who will it save? A variety of such situations exist in the real world, and therefore they will pose to be quite challenging for an A.I system. But the biggest issue with an A.I takeover will be unemployment. After all, would you hire money hungry humans with limited working capacity, or install a single machine which will do multiple tasks at once and would require only electricity?

robot-smarter-than-humanFeeling afraid? No need to be. At the present moment, A.I has just taken off. We are still several decades ahead of being under any real threat. Above that, we are not the only ones who are concerned about all the negatives. Many top scientists and researchers are already developing methods to keep intelligent machines under human control. Computers might level up their intelligence with the passage of time, but they can never surpass human dexterity. Our minds may not be designed for heavy duty calculations, but they sure are flexible enough to figure out quick solutions. We will only get endangered by A.I if and only if we let it endanger us. Or maybe if we just get really unlucky.

That’s all for today folks. Thank you for your time.

I absolutely don’t think a sentient artificial intelligence is going to wage war against the human species.

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