Meteors have always fascinated the residents of earth. The meteor shower that occurs once in a while is a sight worth the wait. These showers that can be called a game of luck can now be seen. Artificial meteor showers are soon coming your way. The meteor showers that were an atmospheric phenomenon is now manmade too.

Artificial Meteor Shower

JAXA Uchinoura Space Center in Japan will be will be blasting a rocked called Epsilon-4. This rocket is capable of generating the artificial meteor shower. The rocket will be dropping tiny pellets from the orbit. These tiny particles will generate the meteor shower show. The resulting artificial shower will be having greater brightness than the actual meteors.

The Artificial Meteor Shower project is the idea of Astro Live Experience or the ALE. The project is named Sky Canvas. The project is set to take form in 2020 in the skies of Hiroshima and the Seto Inland Sea. The meteor shower is expected to be visible in an area of about 200 km.


The satellite will operate at about 400 kilometers above the earth’s surface. At this height, it will release tiny particles in the atmosphere of the earth. These particles are specially designed to move slowly when they enter the atmosphere. Each of these particles weighs a few grams and are around a centimeter long in size.

Once the satellite releases these particles, they will move for about one-fifth of the way before entering the earth’s atmosphere. Once these particles enter, the friction caused by the atmosphere will make the particles to glow. The glow of the particles will last seconds more than the actual meteor shower and will be bright enough to see even from highly lit cities. This is not possible with actual meteors.

Other details

The number of artificial meteors that the satellites will release is not yet decided. The particles will burn completely at a height of 40 to 60 km above the earth’s surface and will be turned to ashes before reaching the earth. The height of the total burn down is way above the height at which planes fly making the project safe to execute. The satellite releasing the particles will disintegrate as it will enter the environment. This will not cause it to become a part of space debris.

The objective of the project

The purpose of the project is to bring people together to witness an unusual experience. To entertain people, not only with wonders on the land but also of the space. And bringing science to the entertainment of the people all the while working for various developments too.


The Sky Canvas is the company’s try to make space wonders possible and manmade. This is a symbol of the development of science in various fields. The company is looking forward to not only gather people but also earn a profit. The company is looking for sponsors for the show of 2020. Though the Artificial Meteor Shower cannot match the marvels of the Actual Meteor Shower, it can definitely give us the experience of seeing it.