In the last year, we saw many discussions, thoughts, opinions, arguments, debates relating to artificial intelligence. Many millionaires such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have provided their thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and its futuristic impact on humanity. Will Artificial Intelligence provide the future everyone has dreamt of? Before going into that, let’s go back in time and go through the timeline of artificial intelligence.

The period between 1900-1915 was the time where everyone just hypothesized the concept of artificial intelligence. Well, it all started with a chess automaton developed by Leonardo Torres y Quevedo in 1915. In 1950, the Turing Test proved a breakthrough in the AI field and also laid the foundation for Artificial learning and Machine Learning. 1956 was the year when the first AI program was established by Allen Newell, J.C. Shaw and Herbert A. Simon (Carnegie Institute of Technology). The later decades that followed saw the evolution of these hypothesizes and also the development of machine learning.  In the 1990s, laymen started to acknowledge artificial intelligence and started incorporating it into their education. In 1993, Everyone saw Polly who would offer a tour guide in the MIT labs. Polly was based on the response to a behavioural stimulus. Like Polly, there were many such robots that were created and tested in Chess and Checkers tournaments which resulted in the winning of these robots against human players.


The late 1990s saw Web crawlers and other AI-based information extraction programs become essential in the widespread use of the World Wide Web. By the end of the first decade of the new millennium, Self-driving cars were introduced. In this decade, itself, Robots made a presence felt in day to day life such as ASIMO being able to walk with human speeds and delivering trays in restaurants. The 2010s saw the emergence of artificial intelligence in the form of Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana. It also raised questions about how to make AI safer and trouble free for the laymen. Sophia, the first humanoid to get citizenship of any country, was created in 2015.

From its history, it is clear that artificial intelligence was created to mimic the human thinking and intelligence. It is a concept that started out vaguely and now it has developed into the whole field. The whole backdrop of this field is that if it can help the humanity in moving towards a better future by mimicking the human intelligence or much greater than human intelligence. This does prove advantageous in many ways like IBM Watson helping in cancer treatment and Enon. OceanOne also proved its capability by completing its first mission that is, diving for treasure in a shipwreck off the coast of France, at a depth of 100 meters. As Dr. Nichola J. Millard of BT group said, “Things like creativity, empathy, negotiation, innovation, intuition, and emotion are not (at the moment) things that technology can cope with very well. A good human brain plus AI can superpower businesses”. In fact, according to Forbes, artificial intelligence would see more application in many fields. But it’s also going to face scrutiny this year…

The advancements in artificial intelligence have always been associated with the dark side of it and its adverse effects on the humanity. Many experts regard artificial intelligence as the doom of human race. Many fear that it will take over humans in the future and hence destroy the entire human race. There are examples that support it also such as Microsoft’s Tay, who wandered radically off-message and began spouting abusive epithets and even Nazi sentiments. Bots are also known to engage in online feuds resulting in showcasing an infinite loop of digital aggression. Facebook’s AI also developed its own programming language that the researchers could not understand but there’s so much to artificial intelligence.

AI is this ever-expanding field in which there’s so much to research. The field is yet to get a solid foundation. It is one of the most prolific fields in the present world. AI has the power to change the thought process, skills, perception which ultimately would lead to change the future of the human kind (which many feel). As Vladimir Putin said, “Whoever leads in AI would rule the world”. For all the latest trends, tech news, & reviews follow us on Instagram, TwitterFacebook