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Asus ROG Phone – Beginning or End of Mobile Gaming?


Computex 2018 was the stage for the announcement of lots of new gadgets. But the one that caught our eye was the ASUS Republic of Gamers Phone, or the ROG Phone for short. Yes, this is the latest attempt at a dedicated gaming phone after the Razer Phone and Xiaomi’s Black Shark.

But it’s not just another gaming mobile, in my opinion. In terms of engineering, it is extremely well-made, combining a very high-powered system with state of the art cooling capabilities.  Here’s how they do it.

ASUS ROG Phone Display


History of ROG

ROG began as Project G at ASUS back in 2004. Later, however, they released Crosshair, their first product, under the name ‘Republic of Gamers‘. They moved on to building chips, followed by DIY desktop components. With the ROG Phone, they bring this knowledge to the smartphone industry.

Since it’s inception, the Republic of Gamers was known for producing extreme gaming machines with maxed out specs and sleek, futuristic designs. This trend has carried on in the ROG Phone they just launched. It looks extremely striking and has an outstanding spec sheet. I can totally picture Tony Stark whipping out this phone. It’s definitely something the billionaire/superhero/tech genius would own.

ROG Phone Back Panel


ROG Phone Specs

The ROG Phone checks the highest possible boxes for every single spec on our sheet! This beast of a phone comes with overclocked 2.96GHz Snapdragon 845 ships, Adreno 630 GPU paired with 8GB of RAM and 128 or 512GB of Storage.

The display is absolutely fabulous. It comes with a 6-inch, 18:9 FHD + HDR enabled Display with 90Hz Refresh Rate. That means the display will deliver stunningly crisp and rich visuals. The 90Hz refresh rate seems like overkill as there aren’t any games that support this rate, but it is definitely a guarantee that animations and visuals will be smooth as butter.

The phone has chunky bezels all around which are put to good use. There are dual front-facing speakers installed in these bezels. The battery comes with a 4000mAh capacity which is definitely needed for such a powerful phone.

ASUS ROG Phone Back Camera


What Sets the ROG Phone Apart from other Gaming Phones?

We’ve come a long way in mobile technology but so far, every attempt at making hardcore mobile gaming popular has failed. Right from Nokia’s N-Gage to Sony’s PlayStation Phone – Xperia Play; many have tried and failed to build a gaming phone that lives up to expectations and actually sells.

But ROG might have timed their launch extremely strategically. Games like PUBG and Fortnite, along with the popularity of game streaming, due to services like Twitch, have generated quite the buzz. Games like PUBG Mobile also bring hardcore gaming capabilities to mobiles – opening up the market for a high-powered gaming smartphone.

The ROG Phone makes gaming a lot easier with its nifty features and game-centric accessories. It comes with a 3D Vapor-Chamber Cooling to keeping the device cool as a cucumber. They even have an external AeroActive Cooling accessory.

ASUS ROG Phone with Gamepad Accessory


Another cool accesory is the TwinView Dock which comes with a matching 6-inch secondary display and houses a 6000mAh battery for marathon gaming sessions. The display can be used for Multitasking or extending game functions, such as a chat screen.

ASUS also has a dock which can be used to mount the ROG on it to use the phone as a PC on a big display. This is similar to the Samsung DEX. Finally, they sell a Gamepad accessory which can stream the game to your Smart TV.

ASUS ROG Phone docked into desktop


The ROG phone has phone edge interactions called Air Triggers which can be mapped by the user, for ease of use. It also has a squeeze gesture just like the HTC and Pixel phones, which enables X-Mode. This mode optimizes and controls the cooling system and the background processes for a smoother gaming experience.

Our Verdict

There’s no definite price point for this phone yet, but it is likely gonna be high. I’m sure the cost and mainly gaming-related accessories won’t appeal to most users. Then again, Asus’s market isn’t “most users” and mobile gaming enthusiasts will definitely love the phone. The question is, can a mobile gaming market that is still in it’s infancy sustain the cost of developing such a high-end gaming phone? Only time will tell.

Playing with ASUS ROG Phone on a TV


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