Machine Learning Imagine sitting at home, wondering about how to learn about deep and machine learning. How cool would that be? It is often very tedious to go and search for genuine ebooks and research papers. What if we actually get a chance to study all this without leaving theRead More →

Artificial intelligence is slowly seeping into our tech world with Apple’s Face ID tech and Huawei’s automatic camera settings for good pictures offline support for Bing’s Translator on the new Mate 10 series. Even our household water systems are using artificial intelligence. Slowly even Amazon has gone the AI path by introducing AmazonRead More →

Human Behaviour is a very complex set of responses or action. It refers to the array of every physical action and observable emotion associated with individuals, as well as the human race. Understanding human behaviour, too, is very difficult, let alone predicting the behaviour. Mimicking the human behaviour and understanding what is going on inRead More →

A field that is ever growing like artificial intelligence has always garnered mixed reviews. Many see AI as a power that could take over humanity and others see AI has the potential that humans require to reach their full human capabilities. None the less, everyone knows that this field isRead More →