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Avengers Infinity War: Everything you need to know before you watch it


Avengers Infinity War: Everything you need to know before you watch it!

Hey! MARVELous people. Now I know we all have watched the trailers like a 1000 times over and over again and finally, the much awaited Avengers Infinity War is here and here’s all you need to know about it before you watch it, so let’s get started.

So the trailer starts with a new york city skyline with some sort of orange meteors like a thing beneath the clouds and the shadow of the same can be seen the next second in the sanctum sanctorum of doctor strange. Now, this meteor I believe is the hulk that falls straight through the sanctum.

Avengers Infinity War

In the next shot, we see Banner, Romanoff, and Rhodey looking at something in the sky which I think is the same meteor. Judging by the pieces of equipment lying on the ground I can say its the same place as trailer 1 where we saw Banner with a Hulkbuster arm lying behind him and this place seems to be Wakanda.

Avengers Infinity War

In the next scene, we see Gamora telling ‘somebody’ about THANOS, now in the trailer it seems she is talking to Stark but I say, somebody, because if we see the location where Gamora is describing, looks like a spaceship and judging by that we can say that most probably she is telling Thor about THANOS while Stark seems to be in the sanctum and being enlightened by Banner. She mentions that THANOS can wipe out the entire universe with a click of fingers, now this is a direct reference to the comic book: INFINITY GAUNTLET where he kills half the population of the universe just to impress Mistress Death with a click of fingers. This makes clear that THANOS is a clear threat and wants to wipe out the universe with the help of the Infinity Stones.

Avengers Infinity War

As for now, it is not confirmed weather Mistress Death will be in the movie or not but a theory suggests that THANOS wants to do this because he sees LIFE in the universe as a THREAT.

Then we see him removing is a helmet and if you look closely you will see he has already has acquired the POWER STONE from the Nova Corps. The place seems to be the ASGARDIAN SHIP we saw at the end of RAGNAROK where he would most probably get in a fight with Thor. One thing that we can say for sure is that we are gonna see THANOS in the full costume as seen earlier in the Avengers and The Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Avengers Infinity War

After the MARVEL logo introduction, we see Peter hanging out of his school bus putting on his Spidey mask and going toward the portal, it appears that the portal is rising altitudes. As already seen earlier, Spiderman at a height in distress and then we see Stark in the new Iron Man suit with some kick-ass new tech ( not to mention the wings), and it seems he is going up to save Peter. Also, Stark is heard saying, “the advantage we have is that we know that Thanos is coming to us and we have what he wants” that just means he wants to use this as an advantage and the plan is to be prepared for THANOS when he attacks.

We also see Dr. Strange opening the eye of agamotto and activating the TIME STONE so if the plan goes wrong, he could return and set everything in place again. The place seems to be the same as trailer 1 where we saw Bruce Banner.

Following sequence to king’Chala with his comrades welcoming Cap, Black widow, Falcon, Rhodey, Banner, Wanda, and Vision. If we take a closer look, we can see the same equipment that we did at the start of the trailer. Also, Shuri can bee is seen analyzing Vision in this scene. Cut to the next scene and we see the Guardian getting off a spaceship, Groot and Rocket are missing here and I think they are on their way to get Thor’s new weapon and the rest of the Guardians have come to see the collector who has the AETHER.

Avengers Infinity War

Right after that comes the first sign of comedy where we see Peter in his new Iron spider suit, Ironman and Starlord having a convo where Starlord macks Iron man that his plan is good but he has a better one.

Moving on, we see something that seems to be a war scene, we can seeking T’Chala leading his army alongside Cap and the rest of the team to the same location we saw in the first trailer. Also, we get a look at the new Hulkbuster armor upgraded by Shuri. Also, we can see that Thor’s cape is back, considering the Avengers, as we saw earlier Thor’s cape appear only when he has attained full power, we can say he has found his new weapon to control all of his powers and thus, the cape has returned.

The next scene looks like a flashback where Gamora is describing how he found her. We see a little girl holding THANOS’s hand and walking covered on both the sides by what looks like THANOS’s army. Here we realize since how long has THANOS been looking for the infinity stones as he comes to Gamora’s planet and may be considering her warrior spirit, snatches her from her parents and takes her along. Also, he is seen wearing a slightly different helmet from what his traditional helmet looks like. After this we see THANOS holding Thor’s head and trying to crush it as Thor looks in a lot of pain.

Avengers Infinity War

We get our first look at the BLACK ORDER now i.e, Thanos’s family where we see one of the members, Proxima aiming a weapon towards Loki. Also, Asgardian dead bodies can be seen lying in the spaceship and Loki handling the tesseract cube to Thanos that he breaks with one hand to get the space stone out.

Cut and we reach to the almost end where we see Bucky, Cap with his new shield, T’Challa, and Banner in the Hulkbuster armor as we know he believes it won’t right for him to turn into hulk again. Finally, the war starts as the outriders pierce the protective shield around Wakanda. Also, Proxima’s hand can be seen with the spear and seems like this is where he takes out the mind stone from Vision’s head and Cap comes to try to rescue him. Also a member of the Black Order, Obnimo can be seen fighting dr. Strange and defeating him, which is no surprise because Abnimo in the INFINITY comic is already revealed to be a very powerful magical being. moving on, we see the outriders bringing down the hulkbuster following which we can finally see the HULK running with team Cap.

Avengers Infinity War

Finally coming to the end, we see Thanos telling the iron man, ” I hope they remember you” and also iron man’s suit is destroyed. Unimaginable what would have happened to Drax and Starlord. The most amazing scene now that has created the most hype yet happens to be the most controversial is when Cap is seen fighting against Thanos, this is a reference to the comic books where Cap stands ahead Thanos.

There are a lot of different theories about this, some suggest that Cap’s eyes look different in this scene so maybe there a wild card with the stones or maybe this is just a fake scene that somebody created using the MIND STONE. Sadly there’s still no sign of our Very own agent Barton a.k.a Hawkeye. We just hope he’s there or its gonna be a lot of fan full tears. Whatever the situation may be let us just hope for the best and watch AVENGERS: INFINITY WARS part one.

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