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Best Battle Royale Games you can Play right now!


Battle Royale is the new genre that is storming the gaming industry right now. Recently at E3 2018, AAA games like Battlefield V and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 introduced Battle Royale game mode as a new in-game mode.

Currently, there are a lot of Battle Royale games that you can get your hands-on. But there starts the confusion, which one is the best?

Choosing the Battle Royale title you want to play depends on the level of expertise you have and the type of gameplay you are comfortable with. So, I’ve ranked the best Battle Royale games according to my level of expertise and likes in gameplay.

5) Realm Royale:

Realm Royale Gameplay

This is a fairly new game which was released just a couple of weeks ago. It is being developed by Hi-Rez Studios, which was famous for their Free-to-play game Paladins.

As the game is relatively new, we can’t judge the gameplay too much. But as soon as I got into it, the gameplay felt fresh. You can choose character classes like Archer, Engineer, Assassin, etc… just like you find in MMORPG games. The game is free-to-play on Steam right now.

4) Darwin Project:


Darwin Project was released as a pay-to-play game as a Steam Early-Access and Xbox Game Preview on March 9, 2018. This game is touted as a Survival-Battle Royale game.

Darwin Project Gameplay

Players must craft and gather resources to survive against cold weather. The survival element of the game makes it unique among other Battle Royale games. The gameplay mechanic feels very fun and fresh. This game was made free-to-play because of its underwhelming response on Steam.

          3) Radical Heights:

It’s raining Cash! Now this game is the funniest and creative Battle Royale game. Radical Heights was developed by Boss Key Productions, which was founded by former Epic Games employees. This game is set in a fictitious 80’s game show, with its hipster gameplay and cranky saturated visuals. But the game is still in early stages of its development which developer says “X-treme Early Access”.

Radical Heights Gameplay

But, Radical Heights is not a typical game. It uses a different gameplay mechanic. Unlike the Storm Circle in other Battle Royale games, this game uses Grids that are locked down to limit the player in a certain area.

You can gain cash from killing, dumping your weapon, destroying things and sometimes it literally rains cash! And you can transfer all that money to your in-game account using ATM’s which can be used later on to buy cosmetics and upgrades. Radical Heights is free on Steam.

2) Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds:

There is literally no introduction needed for this game. PUBG is everywhere on the internet. It is boasted as the original Battle Royale game (No, it’s not!). It was developed by Brendon “PlayerUnknown” Greene and Bluehole Games.

PUBG has far more realistic graphics than other games. There are so many guns, vehicles and ways to kill. The map is massive and it has a couple of modes to keep you engaged. PUBG is a paid game for PC and Xbox. Tencent released a licensed version of free-to-play PUBG Mobile, after which it rose to more popularity.

Apart from all of that, what I don’t like is PUBG is very cranky and still lags both on Mobile and PC.

1)    Fortnite Battle Royale:

There comes the best Battle Royale game right now. Fortnite is been in development for years and with it’s Battle Royale mode it became the most played Battle Royale game. This is by far the perfect Battle Royale game according to me. The fun gameplay mechanics, cartoon style, building forts, cosmetic skins, emotes, the smooth graphics, cross-platform and free-to-play, all of this makes Epic Games Studio’s Fortnite a near perfect Battle Royale game till date. And did I mention it is hard?

Fortnite is available for free on PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, iOS and Nintendo Switch.

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