There were few academic holdouts who denied black holes existed. But now they can`t. Einstein`s predictions about the shape and glow of black hole proved right. It took more than a year for that data to be processed. Scientists saw the first glimpse of images in the summer of 2018. 


Block holes are something that we cannot see even. Black holes are cosmic prisons. In black holes, nothing escapes, not light or even data. Even the theory of relativity says a sufficiently compact mass can deform spacetime to form a black hole.  But because of Wednesday`s first image of the Blackhole, A lot of things came out.


Scientists have known that black hole exists. But they were not sure about that. Three years ago, scientists heard the sound of two smaller black holes. These black holes were crashing together to form a gravitational wave. The image we saw the first time showed the edges of the black hole. They named it as the event horizon. There were few academic holdouts, who denied black holes existence. But because of Wednesday`s image, now they can`t.


As we saw the image, it doesn’t look different or extraordinary but just because it’s an image of the black hole makes it different. This was the image we were waiting for years. So this is the joy of waiting and also a historic moment. It shows a glowing ring and that was a black hole and its surroundings. It shows the boundary between light and dark around a black hole. Uncovered part of the universe which was off-limits to us.


Each and every major astrophysics discovery of the last few decades confirms Albert Einstein`s theory of relativity. It`s a huge explanation of gravity. The former patent clerk got this thought in 1915. That too before computers and with much weaker telescopes. On this Wednesday, Einstein`s predictions about the shape and glow of a big black hole were right. So general relativity passed a crucial test. It will be strange to keep saying Einstein is right, but every time his general relativity theory is confirmed.


The black hole we were curious about is in the center of a galaxy called M87. It is far bigger than anything in a milky way. The chief measurement of the black hole, the mass is 6.5 billion times as much as our sun`s. the event horizon stretches about the breadth of our solar system. M87`s huge black hole mass makes it really a monster. Even the supermassive black hole standards. There are some black holes which are inactive. But this one was active. That means it converts nearby gas and the matter into energy. It converts 100 times more efficient than nuclear fusion that powers the stars. Black holes temporarily become the most powerful engine in the universe.


This is a successful project because of the international cooperation among 20 countries and 200 scientists. According to the national science foundation, scientists cost $50 million to $60 million.  these things we learned from this event of scientists.