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BlackBerry accused of stealing from Facebook


A few months ago BlackBerry sued Facebook. Blackberry accused that the instant messaging functionalities provided by Facebook violated BlackBerry messenger features patents years ago. And now, Facebook a few days back accused BlackBerry with a lawsuit.  Facebook stated that the company stole its voice-messaging technology and six other patents. They also claimed that BlackBerry disobeyed a patent in such a way, in which mobile devices deliver images and audio with patents regarding GPS data management and security as well.

What Is BlackBerry Accused Of?

As per the reports, Facebook has filed a complaint of 118 pages against BlackBerry in San Francisco federal court. Facebook try to obtain uncertain damages from BlackBerry for violating a total of six patents owned by the company. It also seeks to detain BlackBerry accountable for stealing its patented technology.  That upgrades the graphics, video and audio process of delivery. And besides, they have also stolen some of other innovations which collect the tracking and analysis of GPS data.

Facebook in the complaint also stated that the infringements have “caused and will continue to cause damage” to the company’s messaging apps. Its lawsuit comes, a few of weeks after a federal judge withdraw Facebook’s request to the patent claims made by BlackBerry. It involves Snapchat, and BlackBerry had firstly accused Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp of infringing message feature.

In March BlackBerry sued Facebook by saying that the company was “using a number of the innovative security, user interface, and functionality enhancing features that made BlackBerry’s products such a critical and commercial success in the first place.” The federal judge allowed a motion by Snap to free some of the claims made by BlackBerry in the lawsuit. But they didn’t accept Facebook’s request. Facebook claims BlackBerry’s complaints are irrelevant. Arguing that they’re breaking patent laws. Yet the court ruled that Facebook’s arguments are not solid enough to warrant against BlackBerry’s patent claims.




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