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Block Hedge 3rd Edition: We’re Now Official Media Partners For South-East Asia’s Mega Blockchain Event Series


Techie Scoops is delighted to announce its partnership with Block Hedge. We will be one of the media partners for the upcoming series of events by Block Hedge.

We, at Techie Scoops, have always believed in delivering quality content coupled with a knack for understanding our client requirements. Tailoring our content to demands of an ever-changing Tech-scape and sparking discussions about the latest and the most cutting-edge Tech has always been our priority. This partnership with Block Hedge is another that re-affirms our commitment to covering the best in the crypto space, and a step in the right direction.

Block Hedge is a community-based platform that works towards facilitating the blockchain community to realize the full potential of its industrial applications, nurture new startups, talents, and technologies to change the world for better.

These events will provide a platform for new blockchain solutions, opportunities, other region’s progress and how you can position yourself in the landscape to derive competitive advantage.

Block Hedge is committed to dealing and engaging with the entire value chain and ecosystem to effectively churn out solutions and breakthrough ideas from the rapidly evolving digital currency and blockchain world.

It also facilitates an understanding of how tokens are issued, their regulatory frameworks, the safety of investments, how to get ROI, learning how to identify the bad apples and develop diligence. The event offers chances to meet and interact with the most vetted ICOs.

Also, digital currencies are marred with challenges like hacks, cyber-attacks, speculations, cheats and environmental impacts. Available experts, practitioners and leading thinkers will help you understand the pitfalls and apply smart practices to succeed in the digital world of today and foreseeable future.

To get some insights into Block Hedge’s track record so far, the 1st Cryptocurrency conference in Mumbai brought top cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts from in and around the region and from around the globe. The Crypto Con 2018 focused on the top developments, challenges and solutions by leading thought leaders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain who converged in Mumbai over thought-provoking keynote presentations and interactive sessions.

The Crypto Con 2018, was the first focused conference on the crypto landscape and developments taking place in India. Increasingly, the countries all over the world have started acknowledging the cryptocurrencies as the elephant in the room and one of the biggest technology disruptions since the internet. The magnitude of change being brought in by the cryptocurrencies is evident with recent G20 summit discussing regulations to effectively ‘control’ cryptocurrencies. The conference saw several important keynotes from companies including Throughbit Technologies, Market Space, Zecoex, IOTA foundation, Mauritius Ethereum Alliance, ShipNext, Gladage,, BitClave, Unocoin, Fund Platform and Olam Foundation.

The keynote was delivered by Joshua Hawley, founder of Mauritius Ethereum Alliance who spoke about ‘Regulatory Framework Challenges of Increased Taxa on of Profits and Barriers in Adoption’. The other top insights came from Abhishek Gopal, Co-founder & CEO of Throughbit Technologies who spoke about ‘Role of Blockchain for Consumers and Ivan Kurnavin from Market Space spoke about A Decentralized Host Aggregator for Secure and Reliable Storage’.

Evan Luthra, CSO of broadly elaborated on the effect of blockchain on the major world challenges followed by Sunny Kapoor, CEO of Gladage who addressed the audience on the possibility of challenges faced by changing populations across the world.

From insights to interactions, the conference provided crypto enthusiasts, blockchain practitioners, potential investors in digital space, crypto trading professionals and crypto exchanges to brainstorm their major bottlenecks, potential investment options and solutions to some of the major business challenges.

Future events that Techie Scoops will be serving as one of the media partners for will include a conference in Bangkok on the 31st of August 2018, a conference in Bahrain on 27th of September; Zug, Switzerland, on the 12th of October, 2018; Melbourne, Australia, on the 9th of November, 2018 and in Toronto, Canada, on the 19th of Novem

Keeping our vision and passion in mind, the Techie Scoops team promises a great blockchain content season ahead.

Registration for the Block Hedge’s Bangkok & Bahrain events is now open. For more information about Media Partnership and speaking opportunities, please contact [email protected] Companies interested in sponsorship, exhibiting or advertising packages are requested to contact at [email protected]

So now just save the dates and get ready to witness world’s most innovative event of blockchain technology.

Saurabh Sharma

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