Formerly recognized as Crypto Con, Block Hedge, the awaited blockchain conference with a global footprint,marked theopening of its Thailand chapter on August 31st, 2018. The esteemed conference was put together in Bangkok, at the Grand Hyatt,Erawan. The daylong eventwitnessed the participation of more than 500 individuals from the industry. The mix of attendees to the conference included a long list ofprominent professionals, government stakeholders, thought leaders and subject matter experts, in addition to blockchain entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

Some noteworthy names that attended the conference include Ben Fairbank of Komodo Platform, Saiba Kataruka of Zilliqa, Laura Takenaka of Nem, Alexi Lane of EverEx, Kumar Gaurav of Cashaa, Nikita Sachdev of Opet Foundationand Jon Myers of QUOINE.

The event, true to its objective, turned out to bea remarkable confluence, decoding the business practicality behind the world’s most disruptive technology – blockchain.

Some Highlights From The Event –

The Block hedge conference commenced with a warm welcome address and inauguration by Saiba Kataruka, Marketing Lead atZilliqa. This was followed by the scheduledknowledge sessions. As such, the one-day event was dividedinto three sessions -morning, afternoon and evening, with the due refreshment and networking breaks in between. The key addresses in the morning session included a talk by Saiba Kataruka on “Herding Cats: The Road to Building A Scalable and Secure Blockchain”, followed by a talk by Ben Fairbank on “Decentralization or Privacy or Creating a Platform”.

In the afternoon session, LauraTakenakaspoke about “Real World Use Cases For Blockchain Technology” and Jon Myers shared his views on “The Role of Design Facilitating Crypto Utility and Mass Adoption”. The address in the evening session includeda talk on “Application of Blockchain- Powered Fiat Currencies in NonCryptocurrencies Use Cases” by Alexi Lane.

Amidst these impactful individual sessions, the panel discussion was another striking highlight, full of insightful takeaways for the conference audiences. Moderated by Joel Kovshoffwith Nicole Nguyen, Roxana Nasoi, Annie Huynh, and Jason French as panelists, the discussion covered in detail, the practicality of blockchain in business.

The panelists discussed aboutthe impact of blockchain on small business owners, barriers in adoption and implementation of the technologyrelated to the governance in Thailand, the regulations impacting institutional buyers of cryptocurrencies and so on. The event marked its close with a final address by AunchisaTapanakornvut on “Regulating Digital Assets: Opportunities and Challenges”.

Key Takeaways:

If we are to churn out the key takeaways from the day, the learning curve for participantscovered the following –

  • Practical advice on choosing the best ICO for investment
  • Factors influencing ICO’s exclusively as per the government regulations in Thailand
  • The aspects behind a successful ICO launch in Thailand
  • The future landscape of crypto investment in the country
  • The key to gain the most out an ICO token sales, over and above marketing
  • Role of privacy and decentralization with the evolution of blockchain
  • A peek into the VC mindset when investing in blockchain startups, covering aspects such as market opportunity, differentiating technology and strength of team

To put it succinctly, Block Hedge at Bangkok was an opportunity wellendowed with meaningful knowledgeacquisition prospect on the practical scoopof blockchaintechnology and of course, was a great networking forum. Read more tech news here. 

Vishwajeet Ranade
[1] Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer(University Of Pune, India) [2] Software developer (SAP ABAP/JAVA/C++ etc.). [3] Microsoft Certified Technology Associate in Security Fundamentals. [4] IBM badge in Blockchain Essentials [5] IBM badge in Blockchain Developers Course [6] Trained in Biofield imaging technology from Centre Of Biofield Sciences (Affiliated to institute of complementary Medicine, UK) [7] Blockchain Researcher [8] Researcher in Image Processing, Audio technology and Physics

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