Identification is phenomenal concept humans have evolved with themselves. Each person is unique in his own way. Indeed so unique that the difference between all of us is the most common thing now.
Its said that everyone has 6 other people who look exactly like them. So that means if you cannot impress your crush, you still have 6 chances left with you.
But that’s not the case with the governments.
Governments have to distinctly identify a specific person in order to undertake whatever action they’re planning to take over that person.
To establish such an accurate identification methodologies, many governments have undertaken various measures. One of which is Adhaar Card from India. Its said that if India successfully implements adhaar linking, it will be the world’s first and the largest country to have Blockchain Technology in actual action.
Adhaar Card technology was implemented to keep a biometric, photographic and individualistic identification record of the citizens of India. In recent years Government of India has made it mandatory to link Adhaar cards with the other databases like Bank Accounts, Communication media, and PAN details….. Hahaha… It feels like giving away yourself to someone, other than your other half…That means you’re cheating you reader! It is bad. Don’t be proud.
United states government has implemented this Unique Identification measure [SSN] long back during WW2 to keep track of the citizens and their economic incomes. But they don’t maintain the biometric and photographic data. Their reasons behind them are that in case the database is compromised, the whole structure of a citizenship and governance will be under siege.
The reasons are acceptable. But what made Indian government to still go ahead with this measure?
Huge population.
India stands in the second position when it comes to population. Yes, we are vivid minded people. But it becomes very difficult for the government to maintain different records for each department the citizens fall under.
Well, here are the things what I think might be the underlines for linking Adhaar with other databases.
1] PAN
Permanent Account Number aka PAN is the UID that Income Tax Department use to keep track of smooth taxation process for all of the citizens. Yes PAN is a doom for the black money holders. But linking it with Adhaar will be even doomier.
Doomier isn’t the right word readers. Never use it. Oxford will call you up to the boxing ring and slam you down.
2] Communication
Its mandatory to link Adhaar with your SIM card. No government cannot listen to what talks you’re having with your girlfriend with it.
No government cannot see your special chats.
Its made mandatory to track down the criminal or victim in case of any mishap.
3] Bank Account
Bank accounts are supposed to be linked to Adhaar card too. This is because the government needs to keep a track of the exact number of money being circulated in the market and also that stashed up.
As governments are trying to move to the digital revolution, blockchain is a first and huge step.
The government may not specifically call it a Blockchain implementation of the Identification system, but when seen on a larger scale, it is the exact structure of setting up a Blockchain.
This Technology will soon bring a revolution in Indian governance, probably making it even more transparent and smooth. If not, it won’t be of any harm, unless compromised by wrong minds.
The blockchain is an unsung superhero.
You cannot see it coming. Just like John Cena. But you are already a part of it my dear readers, whatever part of the world you are from. And being a part of it is of great curiosity.

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