Artificial intelligence. The name sounds so much intelligent for people like us.
BLOCKCHAIN Technology. Aaaaaa……Nope. Brain is now going in a bad trip. To understand the blockchain in easy way, read my previous articles.

I will keep this article more focused on how Blockchain and AI are going to be the next Romeo and Juliet of virtual world (Sorry Shakespeare).


Artificial Intelligenece basically means making machines more human like, so that real humans can be more machine like. It is awesome and aweful at the same time. Funny eh??

Let us see how can Blockchain basically be set up on a blind date with AI to create magic.

1] Anti Corruption
Saaaadddd. Very Very Saaddd for the people who think they outsmart banks and governments and can run away with a hell lot of money. Blockchain once fused with AI and implemented in the workflow of the companies or organizations undertaking transactions, it will take justice in its own hands. The systems will be intelligent enough to detect a punk and take him down, on the spot.

2] Simpler Machine Learning.
Teaching machines some stuff is like teaching meta physics to a kinder garten kid. With introduction of blockchain, we will basically make systems efficient enough to teach themselves with the help of previously stored blocks.

Just like you are educating yourself by reading this stuff. Then the scenario would be like Kinder Garten kids teaching Meta Physics to themselves.

3] High End Machine To Machine Talk.
The blocks being a central data source, each machine will have access to all he required parameters for processing. This will mainly be of great advantage to manufacturing industry. The designers have to just design the process on a system, feed the required parameters , and Voila..!! the process of manufacturing will be completely automated.
This will reduce the number of jobs though. So its implementation is a bit risky.

4] Predictional Competency
(You: Damn this term is new.
Me: Yes. Because I just introduced it….Bazingaaa).

Predictional competency is basically an ability of an intelligent system to self learn, analyze, understand, and estimate the pattern changes of any parameter in a particular business domain. May it be market value, share prices, or even the parametric shifts in behaviour of a cryptocurrency.

I know you have not Understood anything of this. Let me make it simple. Computer will tell you what is cool and what is not, about anything you want to know . You do not have to be a mathematician for that. Isn’t that smooth?

5] Energy Conservation
Mining data and other similar processes take up a lot of energy. To avoid that, artificial intelligence comes into action. The power control can be given into hands of AI. AI will control the way energy flows according to requirement of it at respective nodes. That will minimize the wastage of energy.

These are the five main things that could happen with the fusion of Blockchain and AI.
There are infinite possibilities of what can be done with this technology.
Romeo And Juliet are immortal creation afterall.