Blockchain: The Dating Nodes – How Nodes Work

It’s starting to get hotter and hotter everyday here in India (If that’s grammatically correct). But this sentence does not have any relation to what I am going to write next. I just needed a start. Regardless of good or bad, I just needed it. Only ends matter after all because what ends well is…..something additional to that phrase which means what ends well is good. Nobody gives a damn about starts anyway. Just like you didn’t. Most of you skipped to para 2.

Cutting  the crap. In this article we are going to see something really odd. We will take an overview of what blockchain technology can actually do except boring the hell out of you and give you a hard techno botox.
We will start with how exactly the nodes work.

I am going to tell you peeps about something you always fantasize about. Yes, you are right. It’s Dating.
There are people like Marshall and Lily from HIMYM who always happen to be a part of the same transaction. On the other hand, there are people like Charlie from Two and a half men who happen to be a part of multiple transactions every day (I stand corrected: every night).


The same is the case with blockchains. The nodes(Computers which do cool stuff) which happen to be a part of distributed ledger network (Bankers who are not frustrated) are sort of in a cliche movie like situation.
Let us call them dating nodes. These dating nodes are like witnesses to every transaction taking place in the blockchain.

Are you Frekkin’ Insane?? How Can Computers Date?? 

1] These nodes connect to each other(They have their own tinder like dating app called HashCode).

2] Once connected, they exchange the information they have regarding the block, which is requesting for the transaction.
That basically sounds like a typical couple in French Restaurant having red wine and verbally exchanging life and family related stuff.

3] Now comes the main part. These nodes then verify and validate the information and carry forward the transaction.
This is like the end of the date where the guy either goes to her place or his own, cabbie being the witness to a redemption of love(Too deep brother….Toooooo Deep).

Yes. The cab driver here is the new node being a witness to this transaction. That’s how things work in the virtual world too.
The ledger has a hyper ledger which basically means there is super witness node to a witness node for a blockchain transaction occurring at an instance.
Now tell me. Who is Insane. It sounds like dating. Doesn’t it?

Yeah yeeeah….It may sound like dating, but How Far The Things Actually Go?

Trust me. Things go too far. Farther and deeper than your imagination( No metaphor intended).
Let me tell you a story.

It was the Year 1990 and internet was the new cool. The scientists from the University Of Romford were working on something beyond human limits. A technology, one step ahead of the internet. A technology so advanced that it will reshape the way the world works. No more banks. No more ‘transactions’ without consent. No more cyber attacks.

As Quoted;

The humans have known their limits for ages. This is time we make something else limitless. Like people from Randomford are making the internet limitless using blockchain.
-Random Scientist (2018-2018 RIP)

The story I mentioned is though totally made up, the content is very much possible.

It’s Saturday. I’ve got a date too. And see… I just got around 1000 witnesses already. Those are you, my dear readers.
That’s the power of the internet. And Blockchain is the new source of power on the internet.
My next article will be on the same “The Internet Using Blockchain”.
Till then stay tuned!! Stay Innocent! Stay Awesome!
Writer(So Called) Out!