It’s been around 28 years since the day it was introduced. The day when humanity changed. The day when the world came closer and people went apart. The day when talking to your mom or girlfriend staying on the East side became easier when you were looking out for life in West. The day when sending letters had a competition that the postal service was sure to lose. The day spiders were no more the only animals to weave a net and stay in it.
We’re talking about the day before which kids used to go and play outside when the 5 pm hour struck the clock. The day when for a teenager under control of his hormones, magazines did the job. Hiding them was an adventure. Going on a date did not mean swiping right on someone. It meant actually meeting that person, looking deep into their eyes and falling in love. Making it.

Blockchain internet

 Yes. The day mankind was introduced to the INTERNET.
Blockchain funny computer guy
Ohh, wait. Actually, the things I described are advantages. Distant and faster communication, entertainment media, social platforms and what not. Actually, it’s good. A person becomes pessimistic when he’s not ready to believe. Doubt clouds our minds so easily doesn’t it?
Whenever we’re introduced to any new technology, we are afraid of using it. We doubt if we do something wrong, the whole thing might go “Boom!” And people will start judging us. But no. That’s not how we should welcome new technologies.
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The latest technology we are being introduced to is Blockchain. Many people are now comfortable with the whereabouts and whatabouts(is that even a word!) Of this technology. And I am going to tell you people something very futuristic and an evolved form of this technology. It’s like telling about life on Saturn when we have not even landed on Mars yet. But yes. Who knows.
The technology we are talking about is Blockchain Internet.
After Internet has successfully given us our time of life for last 28 years on the commercial front, it’s time for it to take some rest. Blockchain technology has come into the market to push the limits of everything. People want blockchain in everything. A new company setting up their foot in the market is always enthusiastic about adopting the new tech.
These days they ask: “Bro! Can we use blockchain in our company?”
When consultant asks: “Why Bruh? Why do you want to adopt blockchain?”
He replies: “Coz itzzz coooollll…!!”
Consultant: ” Bro your company is a meat packaging industry. You slay innocent pigs and pack them. Why do you even bother about blockchain?? “
This is the real-life scenario people. Trust me. I have seen people talk about using blockchain in Tea stall business(In India specifically). One of my friends from Dubai says: ” I want to use blockchain in my car business”. I am like “how bro?”. He replies, “I will make contracts using that. Then sell the cars based on those. I will only need a place to store my cars then. My office space will be saved.” Now that is talking sense. Now one of my Canadian friends says, “I want to use blockchain.”. I am like, “Bro you already are. The banking sector has started using it in your country.” He is like, “Why cannot I see it then?”. Me: “You also use a cellphone. Can you see the motherboard performing action? NO! You can only see the result of a consequence coming from the motherboard as a counteraction to your action of pressing the button.”
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Dear readers, Its very necessary to understand what is happening around us. The blockchain is not god. It cannot be used everywhere. It has it’s limitations like yo have yours. I know you cannot read so much of content in one go. So I have divided Blockchain internet into two parts. This one was just to let you know that Blockchain has limits.
In next Article, we are going to push those limits to its farthest. So Beholdddd my dear readers. Educate yourself on my previous articles before reading the next one. Because I can guarantee you. The next article is going to be jaw dropping, eye popping kind of stuff.
Till then, Writer(So Called) out!!