When most people listen to ‘blue light’, all they think is a light that is of blue colour. What they don’t know is how powerful, how beneficial, and at the same time, how harmful this blue light can be. Blue light is everywhere, it is in the rays of the sun, on the screen of any digital device, electronic devices, and LEDs. This one thing might be known by a considerable number of people. But the fact that how powerful this light can be is not a very known fact.

What is so powerful about blue light?

Thing is, all lights are made off of a thing that’s called wavelength. And the wavelength gets to decide the energy of the light. Lesser the wavelength and more the energy. Yeah, you guessed right: blue light has a very short wavelength and much energy to it.

1. Mood uplifting:

Just like they say about the blue colour, blue light is also capable of putting the mood in good spirits. Isn’t something that regulates our mood very powerful?

2. Awareness:

Blue light, given its power, is apparently also responsible to a great extent for enhancing awareness of humans.

3. Regulation of sleep cycles:

Apparently, blue light also has a big hand in regulating sleep cycles. However, regular exposure to blue light at night can also disrupt these cycles.

Blue Light

young woman using the smart phone on bed before sleep

And it can cause great destruction to eyes too

Since all of the digital devices emit blue light, it might not come as a wonder to most of the people that it causes a lot of damage to the eyes.

However, damage to the eyes is not the only damage done to the human body…..


How looking at screens all day affects health

Since most of the work done today is done using the latest technology, and digital devices are used widely, the humans should be prepared for the hazards that come along with them. The blue light which is emitted from these devices is responsible for causing a series of problems including blurry vision, itchy and dry eyes, headaches and neck and back pain. What is more worrying is that most people are doing nothing to ease their pains as they are ignorant about it.

Exposure to children: Today, even very young children, say those of 5 years or so, are very much involved in using devices like tablets and phones. So, their eyes start weakening from a very young age. What is more disturbing is the fact that this exposure to blue light can even lead to partial or even complete blindness.

And eyes are not the only body part that gets affected!

Blue Light

As much as the blue light is good for mood and boosts attention in the day, its continuous exposure at night can be equally harmful. It can disrupt sleep, as mentioned earlier. It is also capable of causing diseases such as cancer. So, the exposure to blue light at night should be reduced to a minimum. Also, jobs which require working at night, no matter how important should be avoided for the sake of one’s health.

The right approach to blue light
Exposure yourself to as much blue light as possible in the day. This will help to boost mood and attentiveness in the day and improve quality of sleep at night.

  • Try preventing screens: small or big, at least 2-3 hours before your bedtime.
  • Use dim lights such as red light to neutralize the damage done by blue light at night.
  • Blue-blocking glasses can be used by those who work night shifts at their jobs.
  • Apps can be used in phones such as blue light filter and twilight which provide protection to the eyes from screens to some extent.

Some apps providing protection from blue light are:

1. Twilight

For all the android users out there, Twilight is one of the best choices that can provide great protection against blue light. The settings can be customized according to the sleep and wake cycles of the users. In addition to the protection, Twilight app also provides some basic understanding as to how light and devices can negatively impact health.

2. Night shift

For the iPhone users having an iOS 9.3 onwards, there is no need to download an app as there is already a feature of night shift in it. One can enable and disable it by using the sun/moon icon. Also, one can customize the time at which the feature be enabled/disabled.

3. Iris

Iris is an application for nearly all platforms including windows, mac pro, Android, and iOS. The screens adjust according to the light and provide great protection against light. There are customizations available as well. However, one may have to pay an amount of up to $10 in order to be able to use the advanced features of iris.

4. Sunset screen

Sunset screen is an application which works on Windows. Along with providing basic protection against light, it has an additional feature that allows the blue light to stay in the evenings of winter as it may benefit the user.

Blue Light