Everyone has the right to see the world. No one deserves to be in dark. It is really hard to live without vision and every blind has a wish to see this beautiful world. They spend most of their time in imagining how the world looks like. What are the colors? Most of the time they need help, and because of this, they get frustrated too. The blind feel bad for the sympathy given by the people around them. Blinds also get used to these things. They accept it very kindly. but what if I say that now blinds can see. Yes, now we have such technology because of which blinds can see. Because of this technology, about 285 million people can get help.


This is really great news. There is an increasing number of sensory substitution devices getting developed. This is by using the most sensitive part of the body which is Brain in the most remarkable way. These devices are taking visual information from the environment. And translate it into physical forms like touch and sound. It is in order to be interpreted by the user as a vision. Because of technology now blinds are getting the vision. These sensory substitutions work with the brain and tongue and the vision is possible.


These devices are designed with the goals of restoring sensations. In the past decade, they also had started to revise blind`s understanding of brain organization and development. This idea of sensory substitution is a radical one. So because of this brain is capable of processing perceptual information in the same way. And there is no matter which organ delivers it. The brain is much capable than we imagined. That it is working with the technology. In just a few moments you will learn a bit more. That how the BrainPorts are helping the blind to see. it is helping blinds to see with their tongues. This can feel that what kind of impact these new innovations can have on someone`s quality of life. A huge thanks to talented director Paul Hairston.


There is an adventurer named Erik Weihenmayer, He climbed Mount Everest in 2001. He became the first person to complete this task without sight. He used no device. Now he is working to make it possible for everyone to live without barriers. This is the technology at its core. Researchers have developed to add something to our lives. They have provided ease to break down barriers. This is increasing efficiency and shine light into the dark space.


This shows us that nothing is impossible. We all regret small things. That we shouldn’t do. If we think over a problem, the solution is always there. Like this, all the blinds had a dream to see the world and now it is possible too. Because of BrainPorts, it is possible now. These sensory devices work with sensitive body parts like Brain and Tongue. So because of these things are getting possible which we thought impossible.