What would happen if someone gets to hear you without physically being there? Seems like a scene right from an investigation movie. Where the hero of the detective drops microphones in the enemy’s area to hear about their planning. It might seem thrilling up on the screens but in real life, it is a scary thing to happen to you. Digital eavesdropping isn’t something anyone asks. but the bug in Apple’s system gave it without asking.

The unwanted ears

Recently Apple found out a bug in its system that enabled a person to switch on the microphone of the person he is trying to facetime even before he answers the call. This small bug went un-noticed until a 14-year boy notified apple about it. The bug literally gave the Apple users a call of fright because they literally didn’t know what was happening. Maybe they knew but did not realize it could be a big issue.

The bug was triggered when a normal call was converted into a group call. This tricked the system into thinking that the call has been answered.

This bug was only affecting the group calling feature. It was discovered when the boy was trying to call up his friends and realized he could listen to them even before he answered the call. This was a blow to the balloon that read privacy.

The closed ears

After trying to notify Apple for days about the bug, Apple finally realized something was wrong. It then found out about the bug and has currently disabled the group calling feature. The group calling feature will be available when the bug will be fixed.

The after-effects

Following the closure of group facetime, the problem might seem to have ended. But a lot is awaiting the company. The havoc that the bug created a lot of questions. Right from how the employees did not realize the presence of the bug when they are taking the salary for the job to how long Apple takes to realize its mistake and many more such questions.

To answer all these questions of the users, the New York state officials have opened a consumer rights investigation. And the company is answerable to every question that comes. 

A lot at stake

The company previously known for its quick responses took much more than expected to act. Also, the officials are an investigation of why the company took so long to inform its users about the bug and the reason behind the delay. The company is not having any firm say upon this.


 Digital eavesdropping that happened with Apple is a lesson to be learned. If a company like Apple can make such a mistake it can be committed by any other person. This has not only brought the company to think about a lot but also to us to become aware of the things we use and trust easily. If the bug would have gone unreported a lot might have happened without anyone knowing it. This was a risk that could have ruined a lot.