Fuel, the gift of the Arabian countries to the world. Especially the one that drives our cars and bikes. But with time as all the essential commodities go high on costs, this one too followed the trend. Ever since the prices started rising researchers have been on their heels to find an alternative to this fueling. Its long said that it would be great if cars used water as fuel, we have plenty of it. Well!! Now they do. We now have cars that use water as fuel.

What is this new technology?

If you are imagining that you have to put water in the car in place of petrol or diesel then you are on the wrong track. Log 9 Materials, a Bangalore based startup has prepared a metal-air battery that will power an electric car.

So basically it is a battery driven car which uses water to generate the required energy. The battery does not need charging. It just requires some amount of water every 300 km and changing of the aluminium plate every 1000 km. The plates need to be changed because of approximately every 1000 km the aluminium converts to aluminium hydroxide because of its reaction with water molecules.

Challenges to overcome

The new metal-air battery is definitely better in some aspects as compared to the traditional lithium-ion batteries. But there are some drawbacks that the company needs to overcome before the battery gets into commercial production. The company aims to start its commercial production in 2020.

  1. Size of the battery

The first and foremost challenge is the size of the battery. In the prototype that the company proposed the battery took almost the whole of the back seat. This is not a good thing though if the company is thinking of getting this battery into commercial use.

The company is trying to compress the size of the battery so that it can fit under the seats. This would be much better.

  1. The power density of the battery.

The company needs to work on improving the power density of the battery. With the current values, the commercial use of these batteries seems a distant reality. The company is scheduling the production of the batteries in 2020 and thinks it will be able to overcome this challenge until then.

Extra requirements

There are fuel tanks from place to place so that the travelers can refill their fuel tanks. In the same way, there would be a need for aluminium plate replenishing stations too because it needs changing the plate every 1000 km. And though the car requires water every 300 km it does not need distilled water. It needs just the usual portable water that we can easily carry.


The future demands us to live a very different life than the one we are living in now. Of course, it is all because of the way we have been exploiting the things that we get easily that we now need to search for alternatives. The cars running on water are really a need because if there is one thing be can actually believe to not end any time soon is water. Earth is a blue planet just because of the huge masses of water that it holds.