With the increasing pollution, population and temperature of the earth it isn’t long that man will search for life on some other planet. Maybe in this solar system or some other. There is also a theory that Adam and Eve, the first known residents of earth had come from one such planet whose people had ruined their planet completely just like we are doing to ours. Jokes apart, the best and the nearest place of survival that the residents of earth have found is the moon.

Why moon?

Because it is the nearest, scientists have found evidence of the presence of water on the moon and so we can accommodate earth if we can make it a bit more livable.

Why is this being discussed?

Because the Chinese probe that landed on the far side of the earth on 3rd Jan has PUT life on the moon. The Chinese probe is carrying with itself some living things. A tin that contains seeds of potato, rockcress- Arabidopsis thaliana which is a flowering plant, and silkworm eggs.

The objective behind sending these things together is that the plants can support the silkworm with their oxygen and in turn, the silkworms will support the plants with its waste and carbon dioxide. Researchers are performing this experiment to see if the plants are able to do photosynthesis and whether the plants grow and bloom on the surface and in the environment of the moon.

All these things are inside a 0.8-liter aluminum alloy container. It contains dirt, water, and nutrients. Sunlight will be filtered into the container with the help of a small tube. There are cameras inside the container that will record the data and send it back to earth for the researchers. This data will be sent using the relay satellite setup. The transmission of data is being carried out through a relay satellite because there is no and cannot be direct contact between the far side situated probe and earth.

Why potato and Arabidopsis?

 The growth period of Arabidopsis is much less. Which is why researchers selected for this experiment. The less growth period makes it convenient to observe and study. The researchers in China have selected potato for this experiment because it can prove to be a major source of food for future space travelers. Food has always been an issue when going up in space. Space travelers usually take Freeze-dried foods up in space.

The objective behind this experiment

Researchers are performing a lot of experiments. From respiration to plant growth to the availability of sunlight. The main objective behind this experiment is to gather information that might help in building a lunar base. This information will also help us to know if we have a long-term residence on the moon. This information will open doors to the expansion of human residence beyond earth.

There have been instances in the past when rockcress have been in space stations. The leaves of the plant tend to rise or fall depending on the detection of the moons gravitational force. The Chang’e is experimenting to see if it will flourish on the far side of the moon.


The experiment of Chang’e will give us new ideas and information regarding the possibilities of existence on the moon. The information will definitely give us new data for research. It will also provide information for further actions. If there is life on the moon, the future definitely has a colony on the moon.