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Quantum Teleportation: China Achieved Remarkable & Early Success Over Long Distance!


When we think about teleportation, the first thing which comes in our general imagination is science fiction especially star trek in which the people & other physical matter are teleported from one location to another. However, it is not like that in star trek where the things to be teleported are first scanned & then reassembled at the target location this quantum teleportation was done through quantum entanglement between photons.

quantum teleportation

The teleportation achieved by Chinese scientist was on the quantum level. It was achieved through space by satellite over thousands of kilometers on earth. A fundamental particle like a photon, which is what light is made of can be described in something called state is set of properties that include information about the way the particle is moving & behaving. The state or description of one particle can be linked to another particle in a special way so that the state of one particle influences the state of another particle this is called quantum entanglement.

Consider two particles made to interact with each other so that their properties are connected. These two entangled particle behave like twins now. Each of the individual particles can only be measured in two states technically the state is called spin & particle only exist as spin up or spin down { like binary}.

quantum teleportation

The two entangled particle will always be in opposite state that is if one particle is in spin up, then another particle has to be in spin down state at the same time. Once entangled than the distance between these particles doesn’t matter even if they are apart from the universe. This fact of transfer of information faster than the speed of light troubled Einstien so much that he couldn’t believe that is true & called it spooky actions. This transfer of information about which state the particles are in by definition is called quantum teleportation.

It is a hard concept for a human to understand because in our everyday world of classical physics if there are two things exactly identical still they have an Individual identity that might affect each other if they are relatively close, this is not the same for the small world of quantum physics. Researcher in 1992, proved teleportation mathematically. In 1998 teleportation was first time demonstrated in the lab using photon. In 2014 teleportation was done at distance 25 km by using fiber optic. In 2015 teleportation was done at distance of 100 km using fiber optic.

quantum teleportation

In August of 2016 Chinese academy of science launched first quantum satellite “micius” named after ancient Chinese philosopher. At 870 miles (1400 km ) is many times farther than the previous teleportation record. The satellite made two photon particles to interact with each other so that they were entangled & then beam them down on two separate ground station on earth more than 1000 km apart. The results were interesting that these particles were still interacting despite the very long distance. The application includes the secure transfer of information because any change in one particle will be apparent in another article. It would be a powerful technology for sending information. It would be a powerful technology for sending information securely, in particular, they could enable secure distribution of keys to unlock codes for encrypting secret information.

According to prof. Chao Yang Lee, “Quantum science will also become a new resource as real as energy & be being applied to cryptography, teleportation & quantum computing. This new knowledge can be instantly applied to these areas.”

“Long distance entanglement distribution is essential for testing of quantum physics & quantum networks. This work established the first ground to satellite uplink for faithful & ultra long distance quantum teleportation, an essential step toward global scale quantum internet .” States the Chinese Academy of Science. The Chinese have become first to achieve this feat which has huge potential in future & has the capability to revolutionalize technology & change the world drastically. The ability to teleport to satellite represents a huge leap toward the development of technology that could reshape the modern world.

Quantum Internet – such an internet would be vastly more powerful in terms of speed, & vastly more secure in terms of inability to access private information . because any interference in the quantum network would be noticed immediately by each participating network nodes in the system. We think it is excitingly fascinating & amazing that we are living in such a time in which such fascinating things are happening & break through are happening every single year.


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Rohit Sangale
Saurabh Sharma

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