CLOVEREX Retail Hub Pvt. Ltd. is a network marketing company that works exclusively for the youth of our nation with a mission stated as ‘To make every student liable to fulfill their dreams with responsibilities’. The company uses a network marketing strategy as their core business model. Network Marketing is a system wherein the consumer also acts as a distributor themselves as opposed to a traditional system where you have a hierarchy of Manufacturer, Sales Office, Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer and then the consumer. In a network marketing system, the consumer acts as the middleman himself/herself and forgoes the hierarchy by creating a downline of other consumers.

The company has a 10000 mAh Power Bank manufactured by Coolnut as their product. Apart from its envious capacity, the Power Bank offers a sleek case made of PC+ABS and lifetime of over 500 charges at an extremely affordable price of Rs 1,150/-. However, the real advantage of being a part of the enterprise is the fact that the 1,150/- that the consumer pays is not merely a payment for a commodity but rather serves as an investment that can give you amazing returns with the backing of right choices. As the company rightly points out, investing in the right people is the most crucial step to achieving success. This is evident from the fact that for every downline consumer you procure, you get a commission for their purchase, which in turn acts as that person’s personal investment.

The methodology involves creating Portals by referring the product to the people you wish to invest in. There is no catch in this system as there is no limit on the number of people who join your network, nor are there any regulations as to where and when an individual can join any network. The end result is an earnings graph that will always grow exponentially and not dip. To be successful, the consumer has to adopt a teamwork strategy.

CLOVEREX offers multiple incentives that celebrate YOUR achievements, these include a high-end laptop as your 8th Portal incentive, a swanky motorbike as your 9th Portal incentive, a fancy car as your 10th Portal incentive. These incentives will cover 20% of your income, they will be increased proportionately with the increase in your income. All the incentives will include all the inclusive taxes. The completion of the 10th Portal will be celebrated in the form of a party organized by the company for you at top class venues such as Hotel Westin and JW Marriot or any other top of the brass luxury hotels present in your city.

With a revolutionary model that has found the nods of approval from people as diverse as Bill Gates and Albert Einstein, CLOVEREX is bringing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn money through your hard work with minimal investment but high rate incentives. The Network Marketing model gives you opportunities to explore your managerial and social skills along with your resolve to climb up the ladder-backed by dedication. Go, join CLOVEREX and do yourself a favor that your peers, your family, and your future self will be proud of!

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