Google has big plans for the Assistant. Recently at I/O 2018, the search giant announced a new feature called Duplex for the Google Assistant. Google Duplex aims to make Assistant sound and interact more like a human. It also announced a new feature called Continued Conversation, which is rolling out now.

Evolution of Voice Assistants:

The battle of AI voice assistants came a long way. Before a couple of years ago, there was only Apple’s Siri as a mainstream voice assistant. Then came Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. But none of them made an impact as Google Assistant.

It all started as Google’s Voice Search in the Gingerbread Era and it kept on evolving into more smart and personified AI from Google Now on Tap to Google Assistant.

Google Assistant surpassed what Siri and Alexa can do in terms of skills. Because of that Google is not in the likes of stopping the development of Assistant at all. As a part of that Google made a lot of improvements to Assistant. Recently in I/O 2018, it announced “Pretty Please” feature for kids.

Now in the process of making Assistant more human-like, Google is introducing Continued Conversations. The complex thing about all the Voice Assistants is that we have to repeat the hot word every time we need to give it a command.

Continued Conversations eliminate that complexity by making the Assistant listen to you long after you issue it a command. From now on the Assistant will continue to listen to you for 8 seconds to see if you are issuing another command. This can be continued by giving consecutive commands infinitely.

But there’s a catch with it as this feature can only be enabled with the English US as the primary language. Because of this feature, some privacy issues arise too as the Assistant keeps listening to you longer.

Continued Conversations feature can be enabled by going into the Assistant’s preferences page. Based on your region the rollout can vary, as it may take a week to fully roll out.

Google Assistant is available to download on Play Store from here.