The Crypto Market is still at its infant stage. This makes everyone a mother of Ideas. Each one is looking to implement something new to make their share of market the greatest one. India being the key players in the Crypto race is no exception to this race. Baby race! How cute and funny it would be!

Ga(“3” in incomprehensible baby language)!
Ga(“2”)! Ga(“1”)! GOO…!!!

Throughbit, a Bangalore based Indian company has taken the puppet threads in their hands.
Throughbit has come up with an ethereum blockchain platform based crypto entity known as INRFalcon.
The name is too awesome isn’t it? Sounds like a fighter jet.
The things INRFalcon does are also pretty amazing, like its name.

Let us see what exactly this superbly named confusing thing does….
(superbly named confusing thing…huh!!… Sounds like a crush..!!).

What exactly is INRFalcon?
INRFalcon basically stands for Indian Rupee Falcon. It is a cryptocurrency in very basic terms.
It has an exchange rate of 1INR equivalent.
1 INR = 1 INRFalcon.
“WOW! That’s quite affordable! Lets buy loads of these!!”

Wait HOOMAN..!! No be greedy. Thy shall enlighten thou mind prior to understanding my Z-grade ole English.

Why INRFalcon?
As per the statements of Throughbit, Banks are unable to process transaction requests 24*7 throught.
That affects the cryptocurrency buy/sell limited and reducing the smooth nature of the transactions.
INRFalcon will act like currency which can be used to buy Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum(Only two as of now) throughout the clock.
INRFalcon will act like a fiat currency, but in a virtual world.

WOW!! I have heard about “dog eat dog” world, but the world is moving to “money buy money” now.
How INRFalcon?
INRFalcon can be bought/Sold from Throughbit website by a simple sign up and verification. It is applicable only on INR currently(Saaaddd..!!) but company is looking forward to make it a global turnaround in Crypto Market(Yaayy..!!).

How is it different from other cryptocurrencies?
That’s the question everyone has. Right from shopping for a dress to searching for a person of dreams. How is the thing I want different from the similar counterparts of that thing.

Well, the answer is: INRFalcon is an intermediate crypto entity which can be treated like an individual cryptocurrency for interchange/investment or an entity for exchange with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Wow…!! Now that’s something really cool..!!

Yes indeed it is. Also the coolest part is that INRFalcon is the most stable cryptocurrency whose exchange rate with fiat currency is fixed. In addition to it, the Company Throughbit promises its customers to accept the INRFalcon back, in case they are not interested to trade that too in same exchange rate again.

Now you’re talking Business…!!

It’s like waking up next to your loved ones in the morning, getting a bedtime breakfast and also a morning hug making the sunshine even more bright for you to feel.

I have started writing romantic stuff now. I think it’s time to stop this article right here and let the world race for getting the biggest claw on Crypto Market.