Security is a major concern of any living thing in this world. Animals secure their areas for themselves with their evolutionary traits, plants secure themselves with thorns and bad odor and what not, and humans with their sharp minds.

Uncle Ben from Spider-Man says, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Cryptocurrency is the new rising power, and we should be responsible for it as the holders of that power.
We need to secure this power from getting into wrong hands like that of hackers, scammers and of course, Kids (You don’t want a kid to ruin your investment and money while playing games on your smartphone)!!

So, in order  to protect the crypto property, here are few tricks that one can implement:

1] Keep your core device a private one.

Yes, you read it right. Keep your device away from people, physically. If your girlfriend or wife asks for your phone, then boy you’re screwed! But you can always physically secure it.

2] Keep your passwords long and tricky.

Don’t be lazy about your passwords. Make them as long as Monday (Joke intended) and as tricky as teaching a stupid man.

Keeping passwords simple makes it easy to crack for anyone who intends to steal your intellectual data.
Keep your life simple by making someone else’s difficult! Can’t help!!…It’s the Truth of Life!

3] Use a secure network.

Don’t use a public access point to do your personal transactions. Like I am using my office network to write this article and they are logging my actions, for which I might get a call from HR.

Public networks keep a track of the data being transferred from connected devices and one might end up losing his/her sensitive data(like I am losing the pre-deployment confidentiality of this article to the security systems of my office)….Haha (Joke intended again)!

4] Encrypt your crypto data.

The drives which contain the information regarding the transactions and the credentials should be encrypted and be accessible only to the desired users.

Like you don’t let your best friend be anyone else’s best friend by doping their brain with so much of memories together. Now that type of doping is simply encrypting in computer language.

5] Keep an eye on your browser.

Hackers these days have grown smart. They dupe your browsers with some javascript codes which basically collects your data, authenticates it as it is supposed to do, but in addition to that, the script also forwards your entered data to the hacker who deployed his script at your browser end.

Damn!! That’s one long sentence!

Well, making it understandable: It’s like you have an ice cream in front of your supposedly sleeping sibling at midnight and ask them to not tell it to the mom. They agree. You enjoy the night. But when few months later you fall for a fight, they launch the ice cream missile on mom. And mom kicks your butt.

That sibling is exactly the javascript. It looks innocent, but hackers use it to take away you ice cream and kick your butt.

6] Backup your data.

The title makes it clear. Backup your data. As simple as that.
Make a copy of all the data related to your crypto entity and store it in multiple places..

It’s better to have two scoops on your ice cream. In case one drips down, you still have the other one.

Enough of ice cream scoop examples for today. Let’s stick with Techie Scoops.

Keep your coins safe from e-pickpockets(Joke intended, sorry that was the last one for sure.)  For all the latest trends, tech news, & reviews follow us on Instagram, TwitterFacebook