Cybercrime!! Sounds interesting?? Hope not, because it isn’t really. With the digital India movement, we have in a true sense started taking these things seriously. Before that, the internet was just a source of information and nothing more. With this widespread application of the internet today, the dark side has risen too. Cybercrime.

What is cybercrime??

The actual definition goes like “offenses that are committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm, or loss, to the victim directly or indirectly using the internet.”

In simpler words, cybercrime is the act of doing acts that do not abide by the laws using the internet. Just like terrorist activities that establish threat and do loss by using networks in a foreign land. The solution to both these crises is strong defenses. Cyber defense is the crucial need of the hour.

What is cyber defense??

Cyber defense is a defense mechanism that responds to actions and provides critical infrastructure protection. It mainly focuses on preventing, detecting and at times providing a response to attacks. Cyber defense is the same as the defense of any country. It prevents the occurrence of a critical situation, detects when there is a breakthrough condition and ultimately provides the response by fighting once the war condition occurs.

Need for AI

The cybercriminals today are finding innovative ideas. The existing defense mechanism is not efficient enough to even recognize them. To handle this situation we need smarter defense mechanisms too. With time the information has become conventional too. Conventional systems use rules signatures and threat intelligence to determine threats.

New systems create a mechanism that won’t be detected by these systems, also the conventional system can detect known threats and from known attackers only. The main challenge was to make a system that can operate even in this ever changing form of information. What system can be better than a system that teaches itself??  Yes! The answer was AI. Today we are implementing AI bases defense systems to handle the problems of cybercrime.

Role of AI

Recent developments in AI have created smarter systems to be implemented. These systems use ML and therefore are self-teaching systems. They can now keep up with the huge amount of metadata created by the security systems. The AI algorithms are efficient in finding the outliers. It does not use comparison but creates a baseline of what is normal. Anything exceeding this line can be found. This falls in the area of unsupervised learning of the algorithm.

The supervised learning area of the algorithm covers the threats that it has been trained on. A training set is previously given to the algorithm to learn the type and pattern of threats that have occurred and can potentially occur again. The classic example of this is detecting malware that is new to the system or has come up from an existing thing. Based on the learnings that have been provided, the algorithm can detect if the new entity is malware or no.


It is important and at the same time difficult to identify the new form of attacks that are taking place today. Humans cannot handle and protect the situation without the help of automation. The inefficiency of the existing system has led humans to find a new and better system. This new system now stands on the pillars of modern development and technology, AI.