Imagine a world where you were free. We all experience varying degrees of freedom in our lives – but if you really think about it, we are never truly free. At work we have to take orders from our superiors, at school we have to listen to our teachers, etc. We don’t truly have the power to make decisions for ourselves that directly or majorly impact the lives of us and those around us. But what if there was a world where everyone was equal – not divided into have’s and have not’s. In this world, we could all live like kings and queens, follow only a simple set of laws designed for the greater good of the country’s citizens and in every other aspect, exercise complete autonomy. Believe it or not, such a world does exist. It’s called ‘Decenturion’.

What is Decenturion?

Nostradamus once predicted that the world would end. Beyond the end of the world, he saw nothing. If he could, however, he would have probably seen the remarkable Decenturion. It is a self-sufficient online country – complete with its own citizens, currency, and laws. This is not just another social network or community like Facebook. Decenturion is, in the very essence of the word, a country. Developed on the Ethereum platform, this online country hopes to be recognized legally as an actual country (in the real world).

Right now, Decenturion is an economy supported by the basic tools of direct democracy.

– Decenturion Manifesto


The State of Decenturion will have two layers of citizenship.

  1. Citizens as Physical Residents – People can enlist themselves as individual citizens of Decenturion and make use of the various amenities of the country.
  2. Startups as Legal Residents – As progress and industrialization go hand in hand for any country, companies can also enlist as legal residents of the state.

What does Decenturion Offer to it’s Citizens?

Decenturion offers a passport to every citizen. It is like a legal document that identifies you as a citizen of the State of Decenturion. An online, soft copy and a physical hard copy of the passport are provided to every citizen. This passport gives citizens three basic rights –

  • Money – All citizens receive income in the form of tokens added to the market value
  • Power – All citizens have the power to admit new residents and projects
  • Glory -All citizens have access to informational and commercial support

Check out all the offerings here.

Perks Of Being A Decenturion

  1. There’s only one boss, you. No one tells you what to do or controls you in any way.
  2. Marketing made easy. You can advertise your business without the hassle of any permissions.
  3. Fair treatment, for all. Nobody can deny your rights as a virtual human.
  4. Every citizen is self-made. You are the master of your own path to glory, money, and power.
  5. We are given life as a gift, so why must we pay for basic living requirements? Out here, in the real world, we pay for our water, food, and living space. We are taxed when we make money and when we lose money, when we give something and when we take something, and in so many other places. In Decenturion, however, being a citizen is free.
  6. This could very well be the future. Yes, Decenturion could be the beginning of a possible future in which humanity is uploaded to the cloud and thrives on internet countries. We would be free of the limitations of the human body, the constant threat of our mortality, disease, and sickness. We would also have a place to live with abundant resources and problems that could be solved by simply manipulating the source code of our digital universe.

Where do I Sign?

You can register yourself as an individual or a startup here.
The company is giving away free tokens on the 1st of August, so become a citizen soon to cash in!

Umm, is this Legal?

The answer is that it’s not illegal. So you can take a risk at your own will.

Once registered, each citizen gets a wallet, a page and free tokens to keep track of themselves as a virtual citizen. As a citizen, they have to follow self-made laws while being social in the virtual state. It’s a dream come true for everyone who hates being bound by law and order and it’s, sometimes wrongful, enforcement. While I don’t believe our governments are bad, they definitely aren’t squeaky clean either. Decenturion, in this sense, is truly the first democracy as it does away with the trappings of politics in the real world by providing more freedom and autonomy to its citizens.