Astranauts Every profession has its own uniform. Uniforms show their profession`s identity. But some uniforms have a reason behind it. Specially astronauts, they need special uniforms for existence in space. These are special Suit that they wear. We all know, that they wear a special suit but we don’t know how it works.

Introduction of space suit

This space suit is a garment, astronauts wear to alive in the harsh environment of outer space, vacuum and temperature extremes. It is a safety precaution in the case of loss of cabin pressure. Astronauts wear space suits inside spacecraft. These are necessary for extravehicular activity. Modern space suits augment the basic pressure garment with a complex system of equipment and environmental system. It is designed to keep wearer comfortable and to minimize the effort required to bend the limbs. The Space Suit also resists the soft pressure garment`s natural tendency to stiffen against the vacuum. It includes a self-contained oxygen supply and environmental control system. This system enables the wearer to have complete freedom of movement.

Types of space suits

There are three types of space suit that exist for different purposes. So the first one is IVA (IntraVehicular Activity), the second one is EVA ( ExtraVehicular Activity), and the third one is IEVA (Intro/ExtraVehicular Activity).

IVA suits are meant to be worn in pressurized spacecraft. So they are lighter and more comfortable.

EVA suits are used outside the spacecraft these are worn either for planetary exploration or spacewalk.

The third and last type is IEVA suits. These are meant to use inside or outside of the spacecraft. This includes more protection from the harsh conditions of space. The conditions will be like micrometeorites and extreme temperature change.

It contributes to technology

Many space suit designs are U.S. Air Force suits inspired. These suits are preferable to work in “high altitude aircraft pressure”. These technologies use gas masks. The gas masks were used in world war 2. In gloves, they included lights at the tips of the gloves to provide a visual aid. As per the need of EVA suits such as in the Apollo A7L, the suits included gloves made of a metal fabric called Chrome-r in order to prevent punctures. The fingertips of the gloves are of silicone. Then EMU gloves are made for the spacewalk.

There is the EMU suit, which allows the astronaut to manually control the internal environment of the suit. Experts have specially made this for spacewalk. The Mark 3 suit has a backpack filled with about 12 pounds of liquid air, as well as the pressurization and heat exchange.

They also have developed helmet technology. The development of the spheroidal dome helmet was key in balancing the need for the field of view, pressure compensation, and low weight. The common problem that the helmet of suits is the head is fixed facing forwards. So the astronauts are unable to turn to look sideways. Astronauts called this as “alligator head”.

Space Suits have come in handy over the advancements that it went through. the space suits now are lot more advanced then those in history. Technology is helping man not only to go in space but also supporting existence. Space suits are a real boon to the Space Industry.