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E3 2018: Eight Games that got us Excited!


The biggest video game event of the year E3 2018 is here and it was a stage for the announcement of many new game titles and some brand-new footage from games we’ve been waiting.

All the gameplay demos were very impressive and visually stunning. But, Amongst all the titles announced we’ve rounded up 10 titles which got us excited and left us wanting more of the gameplay’s we’ve seen.

1)    Fallout 76:

Nostalgia never gets old! And Fallout proves that again. Set in Hills of West Virginia this installment of the legendary RPG series aims to be Bethesda’s most ambitious and most massive Fallout Title yet. Fallout 76 opens right at 20 years after the atomic fallout and is mainly set in Vault 76- One of the earliest and successful vaults. The key difference between previous titles and 76 is it’s an Online RPG and a shared world according to Bethesda. All the fan favorites like VATS Aiming System, SPECIAL Character Development, and my favorite Nuka-Cola will be returning in Fallout 76. Fallout 76 will be out on November 14th, 2018.

2)   Marvel’s Spiderman:

Insomniac and Marvel’s Sony PS4 Exclusive Spiderman game finally has new gameplay demo and a release date. It was announced 2 years ago at E3 and now it’s almost around the corner for release. From the stage demo of Sony and what we’ve seen, the game is just mind-blowing. With Awesome graphics, Arkham style combat mechanics, and a deep storyline, Our friendly-neighborhood Spiderman never looked better. The release is just a couple of months away. Marvel’s Spiderman will be out on September 7, 2018.

3)  The Last of Us- Part 2:

Naughty Dog’s notoriously famous and gritty The Last of Us 2’s new gameplay gives us a look at how a story driven gameplay can be combined with clever RPG mechanics which makes it a true R-rated survival game.

There are a lot of questions lurking around since the ending of the first part that are yet to be answered in this installment. By far this is the most realistic graphics I’ve ever seen and animation of the game is very well made that you can’t just differentiate it from a real camera. There is no official release date for The Last of Us 2 yet.

4)  Anthem:

EA and Bioware’s new Co-op RPG shooter Anthem was easily one of my most anticipated titles since it’s announcement at E3 2017. Now there’s a new gameplay demo and release date for the game. Basically, Anthem is an RPG shooter where you fly around in Iron Man-esque suits and scorch the aliens in a creative and explosive combat along with your friends. The Huge Open-World, Bioware’s cinematic graphics, and perfect combat style make this a hot title to watch out next year. Anthem will be out on Feb. 22, 2019.

5)  Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey:

This time it’s Sparta. Ubisoft’s iconic game series is getting a new prequel set in around 400BCE in Ancient Greece. AC is going full-on RPG mode for this installment. From choosing a gender to selecting outfits and relationships, everything far more diverse now. It is set to be the biggest and most ancient Assassin’s Creed game ever. We’ve don’t know much about the story yet, but so far the graphics look absolutely stunning and the combat system is redesigned again to provide a better experience. This time the signature weapon is a spear instead of a hidden blade. The release is also on the horizon on Oct. 5, 2018.

6)  Cyberpunk 2077:

Finally, after almost 6 years of the announcement, CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo is finally unveiled at E3 2018. According to CD Projekt Red, This game is a story-driven, open world RPG of the dark future. There are a lot of traits taken from movies like Blade Runner, from Neon-Lit Streets to Retro-Futuristic City and Vehicles. From what I saw in the trailer, after all, it was worth the wait. Cyberpunk 2077 is being developed by the team behind Witcher series which is regarded as the best RPG of the decade. So, I’m sure that this game will live up to that hype it’s been getting. There is no certain release date for this game yet and we should probably wait a year or more to get a hands-on with it.

7)   Death Stranding:

There’s a lot of buzz going around this game. Death Stranding is the most mysterious game at E3 and now it has a new gameplay trailer which blew our minds and yet we still don’t exactly know what’s going on in the game. Death Stranding was announced before two years as a PS4 Exclusive by Hideo Kojima at E3 2016.

The Eerie trailer presents us with stunning graphics and a supernatural gameplay, which is why we guess the game is something about Life and Death. This game is still in development, so there’s no release date yet.

8)  Beyond Good and Evil 2:

Finally, after decades of the original, it’s happening. The 2003 Cult Classic Sci-Fi RPG game Beyond Good and Evil by Ubisoft is getting a sequel (Prequel actually!) 9 years after it’s announcement. It brings back all the beloved characters and a huge space sandbox to explore. We can’t wait for this game’s release. Unfortunately, only a gameplay trailer was shown saying it’s in the works (at least!). So, as a matter of fact, we don’t know when it’s going to be released.

Dying Light 2 Artwork

There are many more games we didn’t cover, some of the honorable mentions include Chaotic Action Simulator- Just Cause 4, Battlefield 5, which is Ultra-realistic and explosive as ever, Heart-racing and Adrenaline Pumping Zombie killer AKA Parkour styled Dying Light 2 which is my personal favorite and a new installment of Bad-Ass Explorer Lara Croft’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Have a game in mind that you are excited about and not mentioned above? Then let us know in the comments below.

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