So finally Nirvana Being reveals its up-to-date air pollution mask- idMask2. This air pollution mask is both for the kids as well as adults. As we all know the situation of pollution in India, this mask is very effective. The nano-particles PM2.5 are highly risky and infectious to our body. When participating in outdoor sports or activities, our respiratory system works in high pace. We inhale a high amount of air and consequently pass it into our lungs deeply. This process send much more pollutants to our system than normal.

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Obviously, we can’t stop indulging in sports because it is very important to our physical and mental growth. Therefore, the use of idMask2 will be helpful to fight these environmental problems. These masks use a technology that includes electrostatic filters. These filters seize the pollutants from PM2.5 down to PM0.3. Importantly, the breathing resistant is very low which is great. The large surface area of idMask2 filters out 95 percent of harmful particles.

The mask has a hard-rugged plastic cover (low resistance), sporting a tight air lock with replaceable filters. It also has adjustable elastic straps. The 3-layer facial seal technology has a airtight seal, which is quite comfortable according to the company. Also, the silicon facial seal are used to adjustable to your facial positions.  The mask is highly effective to wear while running, bicycling, soccer, golf, badminton, cricket or any other “sporty” sports. Not only this, but you can also wear them anytime you want to get protection from pollution, mentioned Nirvana Being.

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What’s the price?

In terms of prices, Anti air pollution- idMask2 comes with accessories and have different combinations:-

  1. Rs. 3,000 (only mask).
  2. Rs. 4,000 (mask and filter set of 4 filters).
  3. Rs. 4,900 (mask, filter set and a shield).
  4. Rs. 3,800 (mask and shield).
  5. Filter sets and shields are available separately and in combinations which costs Rs. 1,700; Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 2,500 respectively. This helps to regulate air pollution.

It’ll be interesting to see how much does this product captures the market. Click here for more WILD TECH.

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