Do you remember the irritation your mobile battery’s charging speed causes you when you are in a rush to go somewhere and your battery percent is 17% ? Here is some news that will make you feel good. A company based in Tel Aviv named StoreDot has your back. The basic aim of this company is to reduce greenhouse emissions in its operations. They develop something called “flash batteries”. Sounds cool. But what and how is it? These batteries, the company says are lithium-ion batteries that can charge cars and vehicles in a matter of minutes. I know. I said phones. But hey! It does. It charges car batteries and phone batteries in five minutes.

What’s new?

Compatible with smartphones, wearables, tablets, and laptops, the flash battery also includes flash charger, available in pocket and car version. Pocket. Like whaaaat? So now you can quite literally take it along with you anywhere, everywhere and also share it with everyone because of the 5-minute charge system.

Similar to the known supercapacitor technology, flash battery charges faster than any other batteries but stores more power per second than any Li-Ion battery.

Let’s also have a look at some technicalities, shall we?

It is 20 times faster than the other standard Li-Ion batteries, with low internal resistance and enhanced energy density.

It becomes hassle free at a far greater level because you don’t constantly have to search for an electrical outlet to connect your device for long periods of time.

Flash battery is manufactured with multi-layer safety protection using nonflammable compounds, specially designed for high current charging.

They also claim the competing technologies are based on heavy and toxic metals. By contrast, StoreDot’s organic compounds are non-toxic and environmentally safe. The company also says it’s readily available and are manufactured at fraction of the cost and also protect the planet.

Comprised of carefully engineered organic molecules with high chemical stability, this company claims to have compounds to match a variety of devices. The flash battery has rapid redox activity and optimized compounds that increase the absorption of lithium ions and their counterions. In contrast to other batteries that have toxic, heavy metals, this company says that they aim to reduce the carbon footprint.

Yeah, I get that, but what about the heating and overvoltage problems it’ll cause? Well, they already have an answer.

They say, in addition to lithium, it has non-flammable organic compounds encased in a multi-layered safety protection structure that is also considerably safer than Li-Ion batteries.

What more does it have?

It also contains an electrolyte that is made by StoreDot, which apparently is ecologically friendly material. The flash battery also incorporates polymers and metal oxides together, resulting in increased electrode stability and SEI performance at high temperatures.

They are not only limited to smartphones as I mentioned earlier. They are also into car batteries.

And you know what’s cooler?

They say the car can run for more than 300 miles after a full charge. More interestingly, British oil giant BP has invested $ 20 million in this project. They say they are planning on commercializing flash batteries in 2019. Till then, however folks, we must bear with the existing batteries and chargers.