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Ford is all set to bring EksoVest Exoskeletons for its Employees


In November 2017, Ford invested in EksoVest, a new exoskeleton that supports factory employees to release the tension of upper arms or bodies when lifting. As many of the Ford employees do overhead tasks about 4,600 times a day and up to 1 Million times per year. In partnership with Ford, EksoVest designed by Ekso Bionics could help to lift five to fifteen times. Above all, it can help to ease the strain from upper bodies of users and stopping it from fatigue as well.

EksoVest is for the employees from 5 to 6-feet 4-inches tall. It is designed for anyone who is doing uplifting work. The Exoskeletons were given to the workers in two of the Ford companies. They’ll be giving out about 75 exoskeletons to employees at 15 factories all around the world. It has been testing this exoskeleton at two plants in Dearborn, Michigan area for around one and half year. Ford also thanked employees for the success trail, and are happy with the result of it.

More about Ford and Ekso’s Exoskeleton:

The EksoVest provide “passive assistance” in the form of arms support from 5-15 pounds without having motors and batteries. Russ Angold, co-founder and chief technology officer of Esko Bionics, in Ford’s press revealed, “Collaboratively working with Ford enabled us to test and refine early prototypes of the EksoVest based on insights directly from their production line workers”. He also added further, “An end release is a wearable tool that reduces the strain on a workers body, reducing the likelihood of injury, and helping them feel better at the end of the day- increasing both productivity and morale”.

Companies around the globe are starting to initiate functioning exoskeleton for real applications. They are using it from soldier support to helping the disabled people to walk. And this is just the starting point for exoskeleton at Ford. Ford’s Marty Smets, told Engadget,“Today it’s only the passive upper-arm support skeleton that helps overhead work”. According to some news, Ford is planning to work with these exoskeletons for a long term. On this Smets added, “We wanted to focus on one exoskeleton initially, then expand from there as space grows.”
Well, this is something really great. Because it will help the workers of the company to not get any kind of major injuries in the future.

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